Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't get it

I see posts like this on facebook all the time and wonder, "Does your boss read this stuff?  Do your clients read it?  If so, do you know how high unemployment is?"

"My client just did me the service of informing me that their meeting room wasn't set up correctly. Um Hi stupid signed a contract AND a banquet event order that both specify the set up of the room. WHat am I missing here? It's not my fault if you DO NOT READ."
Now, don't get me wrong, we may THINK these things or talk amongst ourselves about them, but POST it to a public website where anyone can view it?  Let's use our brains people.  Or maybe let's look up the word "professionalism" in the dictionary today.  Don't worry - you can use the computer, God forbid we get out actual books.


SassyTimes said...

...or don't complain about your job when you are friends with the bosses wife on FB.

No joke. I met a new employee of my day he friend requests me. Then starts complaining how he hates his job. Really??? 'cause there's a stack of resumes on MY counter of people that would love it. DB!!!

Trophy Life said...

yikes!! talk about it on the (personal cell) phone with your friend, but don't pasted it on FB! in the day of a bad economy, just stop me from hitting you upside head for being crazy enough to post something like that on your FB!

Ky • said...

Um, here's one of my favorites: When you're going through a CUSTODY battle with your husband and you're ACCUSING him of abusing your children, maybe you shouldn't slander him on your facebook status updates lest HIS attorney be recording each and every one of them.

(True story. It's happening to my friend's sister right now. She's a tool. And, she looks super credible.)

All Things Red said...

Everything I put on the internet is something that I wouldn't mind my Mom, my boss or God reading - then you don't get in trouble!

wrestling kitties said...

ugh, people are ridiculous! I KNOW my boss found me and is a friend on my FB. You can bet my ass I censor anything I might say that he could read. some people *sigh*