Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Beer-o

Americans will adopt anyone's tradition just to have an excuse to leave work early and party their faces off, myself included.  I love Cinco de Mayo and very much enjoy Mexican fare, Mexican beer, and Margaritas (although they give me terrible heartburn so normally I don't drink them...but I LOVE em!).  So have fun commemorating the Mexican Militia's victory over the French Army during the Battle Of Puebla 1862 tonight as you shoot Hornitos and try to get as many beads and little tchotchky maracas as possible.


B. said...

Was it even a tradition for the Mexicans until we made it one for them. Americans just need a reason to justify getting plastered every now and then. I love me some margaritas!

Ky • said...


I love it that NO ONE celebrates it here. Except for the Mexican bars catering to vacationing Americans down in Cabo.