Thursday, May 13, 2010

BD's Mongolian BBQ

Have you been to BD's Mongolian BBQ in Toledo yet?  Well I 5 times, and it is my new favorite restaurant.  I love this style of eating, you choose your own ingredients and then it is prepared freshly for you right in front of your face by really engaging, entertaining grillers

You can start out with a decent soup/salad bar, then you get your bowl.  Fill your bowl up with a variety of meat and seafood, veggies, then sauce and spices.  Your bowl is grilled to perfection and if you tip, they sing a song and make a really big deal about it.  There is also a GONG.  I tip every time.

Bonus:  this is healthy!  They barely use any oil on the grill as it is sprayed on (and because I checked online) and most of the sauces are 50 calories or less per ladle (which is nice because it is a finite measurement).  Click here to "make your own bowl."  Every time you click to add an ingredient, the menu updates with the nutritional content.  Genius!

Don't have any ideas of what would taste good?  Print out one of their signature recipes here

Desserts come in Mongo sizes and also mini sizes for $2!  Don't let that fool you though - the minis still have 300 some calories and 25 grams of fat (sad!). They are worth every bite.


Christina Thomas said...

Jeremy and I went there for dinner last weekend. It was yummy!! The grillers were pretty comical!

wrestling kitties said...

We will have to check this out! I mean, any place that has a gong and has people who sing is a place I have to try! I also really like the fact that you can build your meal online before you go....that is awesome!