Thursday, May 27, 2010

24 - Series Finale

1)  I am having a hard time writing this - the last one - the last review - ever.  Sigh.  The show has ended and I am sad.  Yeah, yeah, I know there's a movie.  That doesn't make Monday night any less depressing for me.  This has been the best show ever.  Action, plotting, politics, yelling, running, shooting, drug cartels, torture, international thieving, and almost no smooching on screen.  Certainly no cameras following privileged young girls while they spends daddy's money.  It was amazing.  It's what television should be.  Now what are we going to watch?  Thank you 24 - thank you Kiefer.  I will miss you.

1) [(this is 1 for real, that was 1 sidebar)]  Pillar is such a scumbag.  Who follows orders from a turkey-neck weenie like Logan?  Jack hijacked his car and it was impressive.  He forced Pillar to stitch him up!  Classic Jack.

2)  Chloe is quite amazing.  She actually shot Jack to save his life.  That was pretty intense.  Not that I was shocked that Jack choked her out, but Chloe really was having a tough day too.  When Jack put the gun to his head I just about screamed out loud.  I loved when that putz Pillar searched her and she retorts, "Enjoy yourself?"  HAHA!  PS - Jack pulled a Mike Tyson on Pillar!  Take that!  HA!

3)  If Dahlia Hassan got into a fight with a pitbull I bet she would win just by using her eyes.  Wow.  She's fierce.  I was nervous the entire time she and Taylor were together.  Suvarov, you're a real piece of work.  I like how he can just stand there waiting to sign the treaty and act casual.  Way to stand your ground Dahlia, and way to finally do the right thing Allison.

 4)    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU writers for not bringing Kim in to ruin the show's ending.  Lord help us, thank you.

5) How ridiculous was it when Pillar's field agents came in to arrest Chloe and Cole?  Why did not one listen to Chloe who was running the operation?  That drove me crazy.

6)  Sniper Jack!   I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jack make Logan sweat under the periscope.  Logan is such a liar and a bastard that he deserved to be shot, but I am glad that Jack didn't have that on his conscience.  I particularly enjoyed when Bauer told him he was an excellent liar.  Jack actually smirked.  I enjoyed the smirk.  Seeing Logan sweating "bullets" though the scope was hilarious.  I was actually chuckling.  Then he goes crazy and kills his protege?   

7)  Logan is such a renob that he cannot even commit suicide properly.  Hey Chuck, go jump off the balcony!

8)  Decent ending, but I really feel like Jack's never going to have peace.  Not that I wanted him to die, but fleeing the country?  He did that before.  I certainly didn't want him to end up in jail, and it was very noble of Taylor to tell him to hit the highway, but I just feel let down.  I was sad for Chloe.  Nervous because Jack needs medical attention, but as we all know, he will make it - he's Jack Bauer.


Mike said...

I don't see how I'll ever be able to look forward to Monday nights again...

Kate said...

TV will never be the same. I heart Jack.