Monday, May 10, 2010

24: NOON-1pm

1)  Best line of the show,"  You think you know pain?  You don't know anything yet."

2)  Killer sale at Macy's.....

3)  Jack has really turned the corner.  Playing real life operation?  Yikes.  I have to admit, I really didn't like seeing our hero do stuff like that.  Not a fist-pumping moment, however effective his methods may be.

4)  Chloe is extremely astute and the best CTU agent of all time.  She better get a medal and a MEAL after today is over.   I also feel bad for Cole and I hope he gets cleared out of all this mess.  He also deserves a sandwich and a bathroom break.

5)  Pillar and Eden are creepy.  Eden?  WTF kind of a name is that?  A slutty one, that's what kind.  Garden of EDEN...come ON.  Ugh.

5)  LOGAN IS SUCH A BASTARD!  Need we say more?  I knew that was coming.  He needs some cement boots - gangster style.

6)  Ok, I will say more.  Did you see the previews for next week?  Jack actually takes that weasel hostage and boy does that little turd look scared.

7)  Jack sure seems like he's going off the deep end now.  He is acting cruel and crazy or maybe we have been protected before and this is how he acts at commercial breaks while we are getting popcorn.

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Carl Vehse said...

"You think you know pain? You don't know anything yet."

Now that's a line right up there with Harry Callahan's classic "Go ahead. Make my day!"