Tuesday, May 4, 2010

24: 11am-12pm

1)  Did you lose count at Jack's kill shots?

2)  Even for me, this episode was out of control.  So ridiculous and spiraling into nonsense. I cannot imagine a way that Jack can get out of this that does not end in his death or jail, neither of which I want for him and neither of which he deserves.  Although, he really is taking this renegade thing to heart.

3)  Logan continues to make the situation worse, putting his puppet in charge at CTU and putting the hit out on Jack, rendering Chloe helpless.  I hope Logan gets arrested.

4)  Taylor is out of her mind now too.  Has everyone lost it?

5)  Poor Cole.  At least Dana didn't waste him.  Can't say the same for the Bank employee.  What the hell was that stunning light thing?

6)  I mean, I was thinking Jack was going to knock Dana out, then danced with the idea that he was crazy and pissed enough to take it to the next level, but I was still shocked when he shot that witch point-blank.  Shocked.  Sad for Jack.  Glad she's dead.

I really am having a hard time with how this is going to end.  Let's hope those writers at Fox aren't going to let us all down.  Also, there is hope of a movie, see here.  The movie will not be in real time and will star Kiefer of course, Chole, and Audrey Raines!

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Anonymous said...

Ding dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead!~merp