Tuesday, May 18, 2010

24: 1:00-2:00pm

1)  Jack the ripper!  Jack is on a serious mission and I still don't see how he is getting out of this alive.  He takes the term "power suit" to another level.  What was that thing?  Adamantium?  Jack was a maniac in that tunnel and then he went medieval berserk with the fire poker on the Russians.  I am nervous for the series finale (2 hours) next week.

2)  How scared was Logan when Jack pulled him from the car? He squealed like a little pig and I have to say, I enjoyed it.  Actually I was thinking what a good actor that guy is because he really looked like he was soiling his shorts and about to cry.  That should teach him to leave his mouth open too long in an embarrassing fashion with intermittent tongue flick.  Punishable offense in my book.

3)  You would think, after almost and entire DAY without food, that stealing a vehicle full of delicious and nutritious bananas, Jack might grab one and eat it.  I would. Then I would ask for some peanut butter and make a sandwich.  "I need some PEANUT BUTTER!  NOW DAMMIT!  CRUNCHY!  NOW NOW NOW!  If you give me smooth so help me God I will pull this trigger.  One...TWO......."

4)  Tim Woods is not happy about killing Meredith's story and it's obvious he doesn't agree with the President's decisions but he's just gotta run with it.  How terrible would it be to work in high office politics? 

5)  Suvarov's behind the whole thing?  He and Logan need to get taken out by Jack.

6)  "I'm hanging up, you cannot stop me!"  Sloooooow reach for the phone.  "Here I go - watch me!  I am going to defiantly push the hang up button you blond life ruiner!"  Almost there, one more inch.  "I really mean it, I am seriously going to hang up on you Ms. Reed!  Watch out....."  Ugh. 

7)  PS - Meredith Reed - worst day ever.  Hassan dumps you, you get arrested, you get interrogated at CTU, Hassan gets killed, you get shot at, witness a gory torture/murder, get man-handled by Jack (not in a good way), and then get arrested again.  

6)  Do you think Cole has the guns to bring down Jack?  Me neither.

7)  Your predictions for the ending of the best show of all time?

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