Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yark Stinks (instead of Love Stinks)

My sunroof stopped working oddly at the same time as my back windshield wiper so I took it to YARK on Central Ave. for repair.  My salesperson left my last dealership so I no longer have loyalty to Grogan's Towne although I was always treated very well there by their service department and NEVER had an issue. 

I dropped my car off on Thursday night 4/22 and said I would be back in town Sunday night 4/25 and we arranged for me to pick it up afterhours - great!  Here is what I was getting fixed:
1)  Sunroof
2)  Windshield wiper
Then he asked me if there was anything else.  Just any.little.thing.  Well, the door lock knob thingy that sticks up when its open and pushes down when it's locked was broken off and while not imperative, I thought, why not, i'm here!
3)  Knob

So Friday morning I get a voicemail saying my car is done but the knob won't be in until Monday and they will fix it then.  I called Monday morning (borrowed my sister's car for the day) to make sure the knob issue was being fixed and no answer so I left a message as I was instructed.  No call back so I called again at 3.  No call back at 5 so I called a manager and they put me on with another service rep. 

"Yes, this is Colleen....."  Blah blah blah in my most polite professional voice.  Basically:  Is my car done and why has no once called me back today?
"Yeah, it's done."
"Would you please check?  Are you just guessing or can you see the car from your chair?"
I'm annoyed.
"Hang on.........Yep I looked.  It's done."
"Thank you so much.  I appreciate the extra effort."

I go to get the car that night (Monday) and guess what?  I bet you can guess.....

The knob is not fixed.  Cussing by me in the Yark parking lot.

The next morning I get a TEXT! from Yark Service that says my part is in and I need to call and schedule an appointment for service.  WHAT?  Once second later I get a survey emailed to me. 

I filled it out. 

Oh yes.  And I used words like "disappointing" and "lie" and "mistake" and "jokers that work at Yark."  Just kidding, I didn't use that one, saved it for the blog.

I got a phone call, about ooooooooooooone hour after I emailed that nice survey in.  Still haven't connect with the service manager yet.  Please standby.


B. said...

Thanks for saving the good stuff for us.

Sarah said...

I bought a car from Yark ONCE. NEVER again. I hated them, they were pushy, rude, ugh...

All Things Red said...

Uggggghhhhh - I would be furious! Did you kick every last car in their lot with your pointy high heels?! SO ANNOYING!

AthenaBee said...

That is a HORRID service department. We had our Jeep fixed there and was right. I DESPISE them.