Thursday, April 15, 2010

National High Five Day

I love the high-five - it's fun, it's celebratory, it's way less formal than the hand shake and less invasive than the hug, it's all around good, clean fun.

Turns out, today is National High Five Day!  Moey sent me a text this morning alerting me to the holiday and I felt I must blog about it so you too can high five your friends, family and co-workers today.

Click here to view a website that claims to be the inventors of the high five.  They have videos, how-tos (for those that are living under a rock), variations on the high five (which I loved), music, and they even talk about the official BEER of the high five.  There is a 2.5 minute video that is totally absurd that I would watch if you need to waste some time. 


**This is a cartoon featured on the site**


Mickey D. said...

Nobody loves a good high five more than me.

I'm sending you a virtual one right now!

That was awesome!

SassyTimes said...

It's high five day in our house every day. My toddler LOVES high fives!!!

The hair product just smells really clean. Think 'just walked out of the salon' clean, fresh smelling hair. ...and you barely use much, so it lasts forever.