Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll Smash Cake in yo face

Anyone listen to 89X this morning?  I heard the tail end of this story and had to look it up to find out if it was true and it seems to be...

In Switzerland, there is an evil clown for hire for a kid's birthday party.  He doesn't just show up at the party, no no, he calls ahead to threaten the kid and even leaves notes in the mailbox and under the bed (eek!).  The parents are in on the entire gig and when the clown actually shows up at the party, he smashes cake in the birthday boy/girl's face!  Can you imagine?  I feel like this would/could only fly in Europe because Americans are too uptight and lawsuit happy to have some homicidal manic come to their little angels' party - prudes.  I only wish there was video of the cake smashing.

I wonder if Dominic would come for an adult's birthday?  This would be an awesome gimmick for a guy's birthday and I know plenty of sick guys that would get a kick out of some weirdo coming to their birthday party, smashing cake, and then doing beer bongs in the yard.  Probably wouldn't even need to pay someone for that.

How creeeeepy is this clown?


Wendy said...


Sarah W said...

Haha! That is awesome!

wrestling kitties said...

I HATE CLOWNS!!!! (But I totally love that clowns jacket)

Though that is funny for an adult, if I was one of those kids it would scare the shit out of me!! Maybe literally.

You are right though, it would NEVER fly over here. I will tell you what, I am NOT telling Terry about this because he would LOVE it and will want to do it. I am not going to give that boy any more ideas!