Tuesday, April 6, 2010


1)  Ok, ok, I will publicly apologize to Moey for giving her bad information.  These were not the final two hours of 24.  I panicked.  I overreacted.  I sent out a mass text alleging that Jack was about to die and that was the only way I could have closure with the show.  C'mon.  Did you expect anything else from me?

2)  Dana is going to ROT in jail!  Now can we all agree that she is a psycho hose beast and take turns beating her?  I was glad Cole was able to man handle her a bit but I really wanted him to punch her in the face.  At least a slap.  How scary did she look?  Anyone else see a Joker resemblance?

3)  Whose idea was it to have the Hassan women in the situation room while they aired his "rescue mission" live?  You're FIRED!  That's like having your mother-in-law in the birthing suite during labor.  Ridiculous.

4)  Chloe gives the best advice to people that can't move on after 20 seconds of grief or disbelief.  I love how she just tells Arlo to "get over it, she played us," and storms off.  Terrific!  Also, nice assist to Jack while he caught that skank. 

5)  Taylor has been through a lot (son dies, daughter is a slut/traitor, husband dies) and loves to arrest people in her cabinet.  Go Taylor go!

6)  Hassan gets the silent clock.  How sad.  That whole situation was really intense and had me on the edge of my seat. I think it's safe to say we all felt frustrated and defeated when Jack got there too late.

7)  Bringing in Logan????  BOLD.  Maybe too bold? 

8)  I want to see more of the Russians, that plot line looks interesting, plus I love the accents. 

Up next week - some steamy scenes with Renee and Jack!  Eek!

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Written Permission said...

OMG, I totally cheered when they showed Logan. I love his weaselly badness. LOVE IT. I'm so glad they're bringing him back.

Also, is it bad that I actually like Dana now that she's a hosebeast? She's so much more interesting. Although her acting is still HORRENDOUS. I wonder how the whole "we killed Stephen Root" thing is going to play out?

I love the silent clock. Such a good gimmick.