Wednesday, April 21, 2010

24: 9am-10am

1)  My bad - I should have posted this yesterday but I was like Jack myself, working all day with no bathroom breaks and no food (well, I ate, let's be serious)...

2)  Charles Logan is a villian!  He always looks like he is either going to make out with someone (barf) or his head is going to wag so much it might fall off.  He makes repulsive facial expression and we see his tongue far too often (double barf).  Also, he reminds me of a turkey.

3)  Where is Aaron Pierce?  This is the ONLY season he  has not been a part of and I feel we, rather, our country and perhaps Jack need him.  Is he still galavanting around with the former Mrs. Charles Logan?  Scaaaaandal!

4)  I do enjoy that Jack's presence disrupted the trial of Bazahev.  He just sat and stared that mobster down.

5)  Hey Dana how does your face feel after Jack slammed it into the TABLE?!?!!?  BOOM!  Amazing!  I think it's safe to say that we all felt a little victory when Jack bitch-slapped that bitch.  Bitch.

6)  I don't like that President Taylor is even in talks with Logan - he cannot be trusted.  He is a weaselly little slug and is turning the President against Jack who does nothing but fight for his country and has been nothing but loyal to the President.  Logan has his own agenda, that much is clear.  Taylor is obsessed with signing the Peace Treaty NOW.

7)  Stealing a chopper?  Bad idea- maybe.  Freakin awesome - totally.  Go Jack, go!


Moey said...

I am totally disappointed in President Taylor... I know that they have to throw in twists like this to keep the story going, but I really wanted her to stay a good guy :(

P.S. We have added a goat to the menagerie... not kidding... a pygmy and he is adorable and his name is teddy

Written Permission said...

HAHAAAAAAAAAA! I spit out a little of my Diet Coke whilst reading #2. "Also, he reminds me of a turkey." Awesome. And, entirely accurate.

Aaaroooonnnn!!! He is by far the best character on this show. LOVE him. Where is he? I can't believe I forgot all about him!

I generally like President Taylor, but she's starting to get on my nerves. She's way too trusting. Drop-kick the turkey and get Jack back in business!