Tuesday, April 13, 2010

24: 8am-9am


2)  While I found it icky that Jack was in a sex scene, I was happy for him to have found some happiness.  Then, the hammer drops and Renee gets fatally shot.  Poor sad Jack.  I would be lying if I told you I didn't tear up at the end when he was sobbing over her body.  Why can't this man be happy?  They just talked about Teri his dead wife and let's not forget about the Audrey Raines drama.  Poor, poor Jack. 

3)   Mrs. Hassan is hard core to the bone.  I really enjoy her voice and demeanor and the fact that she verbally slapped her daughter and ordered Kayla to "get herself together."  That's a strong woman.  I am nervous about how this is going to go down though.  I doubt the peace agreement is going to happen as planned; this isn't "business as usual."

4)  Logan is such a weaselly little turd;  that SMILE - ugh!  President Taylor wasn't letting him get away with anything but I have a feeling that this is going south.  Don't but this SOB in a room with Bauer.

5)  Chloe rises to the top like oil on water!  I think she will do well as head of CTU and I am proud of her.  I love, love, love how she gives everyone the stink eye (mainly Arlo who is asking unnecessary questions).  She even questions her own promotion!  Hilarious.


Moey said...

I was actually hoping that Renee would spontaneously regain her pulse while Jack was crying over her... how terrible. I will be pissed if this ends super depressing.

Logan is a slimeball. Maybe his train-wreck of a wife, Martha, will come back to win over her best friends the Suberovs. I'm not in to him being back... I think it's bad news.

Dahlia Hassan is the only saving grace for me right now... well, her and Chloe. How about Chloe making astute calls right out of the gate!! She rocks!

Written Permission said...

Jack's lovin' is deadly!!