Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24: 10am-11am

1)  Well, I have to say, I nodded off during this one because a) it was a little boring after what we've seen so far, and b) I have a sleeping problem and c) I hated this episode.

2)  Why does Taylor have to be such a mamby-pamby all of a sudden?  It's like Logan's a snake charmer and she's the serpent.  I want to smack that wiggle-waggle off his smarmy little turkey neck.  Traitor.  At least Ethan is standing up to her and this non-sense like he did when Ms. Slut USA was running the show last season.  I would feel bad for the President if I hadn't been so annoyed.  Or sawing logs.

3)  Why is immunity just thrown around like a free car wash if you get bad service at a car dealership?  Just give em immunity for them to talk?  Uh, how about tell them they won't get the electric chair, maybe let's start there. 

4)  Two amusing cameos:  Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs and Doug Dorsey from the Cutting Edge.  Toeeeeee Pick!

5)  Jack is too smart for anyone's games.  Ha!  I also really enjoyed his list of supplies/weaponry that he rattled off to his buddy like a lethal grocery list.  "Forget about what I did....they're just afraid of what I'm gonna do...."  YES!  Fist pump!

Let's hope next week is better.

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