Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The term wineo has always made me laugh although when I looked it up it seemed sad, and then I felt bad for laughing.  From the Urban Dictionary (which has bad grammar!):
One who enjoys the numbing properties of wine daily to avoid their painful reality that is life. Wineo's usually start drinking with friends then drink by themselves in their bedrooms. They start with half bottles a day then move on to full bottles a day, eventually buying boxs of wine in bulk to supply their needs.
Jessica drank the rest of her bottle of wine she just open earlier that day. She then enjoyed a nice bowl of chili. The wine-o then spilled the chili all over herself.

The Zoo has a themed wine tasting every month in a different location.  The March tasting was in the Aquarium:  Wines from Down Under featuring Australian wines and wonderful hearty appetizers.  Live entertainment was Tapestry, a harpist and acoustic guitar.  When was the last time you have been to the Aquarium - at night?  It is so cool to come to the Zoo for an event in the evening when you don't have to fight the crowd, when you ARE the crowd.  You can even purchase the bottles of wine you really liked at a great price to take home!!  Also, the Aquarium is a photographer's dream, I just don't know how to adjust all my settings correctly and I was more distracted by the wine and food.

February's wine tasting in the African Lodge was themed Celebrity Wines and featured many wines by famous people such as Robert Redford, Dan Akroyd, and Amy Winehouse - that one tasted like sewer and cigarettes (kidding!).  There was even a photo booth with a green screen so you could take your picture with a giant "Oscar" Award, it was too fun.  After the wine tasting, we figured we had better round out the night with some beer and hit Maumee Bay Brewing Company (home of Buckeye Beer) and ordered some paddles of beer - delicious!  Maumee Bay is another hidden treasure of Toledo and I believe to be under used.  Our friends even met the GM and went on a tour of the brewery and banquet rooms!  Whoever says there is nothing to do in Toledo is completely mistaken.


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Beth said...

Nice blog. Being a wine lover, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

Iris Took said...

Thanks Anon!
I use whatever the cheapest gel is at the store (lately suave, the lowest control level so it does not get crunchy) and also frizz serum. I mix those together and comb through wet hair (but do not actually comb! Then I diffuse with an enormous diffuser. After it is dry I set it with hairspray and don't wash it again for 3 days :)

Timing is everything.

Thanks for the comment Beth - I think you may be my first international reader!

Mike said...

When you and Beck were in front of the neon SHARK! sign, which of you was the first to shout "FINS TO THE LEFT"??? hahaha Of course, followed immediately by a shot of Cuervo which wasn't even being served there...

And further more, if hair products becomes the main topic of this blog, I'm not coming back! :)

Iris Took said...

Yes! Fins up! Sorry Mike, the main topic will NOT be hair products, but let's face it, I have a shit ton of hair and it does come up frequently in conversation.

I will try to stick to more manly and interesting topics.