Monday, March 29, 2010

The Twilight SAGA, people

Well, I finally watched New Moon and it's for sure a Saga.  I don't want to say I rented it knowing I would hate it and pick it apart, but well, I did, but somehow I enjoyed it.  Since there is no possible way I could be a functioning member of society and not have read these books, I did read them and actually enjoyed the tale of this crazy love triangle, always rooting for the werewolf myself, which is why I think I could tolerate the movie.  Our boy Jacob Black has a body that you would not believe and I am just really glad that I didn't see this flick in the theater because teenage screams make me insane.  But, hey, it's a teenage movie.  Everything is drama, life and death scenarios, emotions are out of control, and bottom line:  it's annoying but entertaining.  I'll hate but I'll still participate.  

What did you think?


Kate said...

I was reluctant to read the SAGA as well. But once I started, life literally stopped for the couple weeks it took me to buy and read all 4 books. Thank god Lily wasn't here yet or she may have been in trouble!

Anyway... I saw the movie in the theater and yes, I was that angry "adult" who politely asked teh teenagers behind us to shut the hell up. Couldn't believe I had to do it. It was the worst.

And yes, I liked the movie, but really the books were so much better as is always the case. I'll watch the rest of the movies though... I can't stop.


Sarah said...

I read all the books a while ago, and I honestly enjoyed them. I didn't think they were epic novels or anything great, but they held my attention and I flew through them.

I watched the 1st movie at home, and will eventually do the same with New Moon. I'm sure it will be part of my maternity leave movie bash :)

Wendy said...

I thought the books were engrossing and I'm entertained by the movies. Neither movies were top-notch best movie EVER material, but they were entertaining. I really liked the look and feel of Twilight but the director is a spaz and it showed in parts. New Moon was trying to be too epic in some scenes and the CGI wolves bugged me. But Edward was looking f-i-n-e! :)

The entire time I was reading the series I kept telling myself that the writing sort of sucks, but it's a good story, so I kept reading until the end. I have no idea how in the world they're going to film Breaking Dawn!

I read a good article on the NPR web site recently that critiqued the writing style of the books - they were dead on. Here's a link:

AthenaBee said...

I am as obsessed with Twilight as an Edward loving, 16 year old, emo girl. I was kind of let down with the first movie because I loved the books SO MUCH, so I went into New Moon not expecting much. That helped. I'm SUPER stoked for Eclipse. That was my favorite book of the series and I think as they get a little more violent and action packed Louis will enjoy himself more. God love him, he'll even grab Edward stuff for me when he's alone.