Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snowman Open 2010

This weekend Clark Lake hosted the Snowman Open 2010!  What is the Snowman Open you ask?  Well, imagine the hardest-core summer lake lovers, bundling up and creating a "golf course" on our beloved lake which is now frozen solid.  Tennis balls are used instead of golf balls and you can use any utensil you wish as your club (most used drivers, but hockey sticks and brooms were also acceptable - I took the broom to honor the ridiculous sport of curling).

On the shore, there were tents with heaters, food, beer, and the committee.  We even got little cards and pencils to "keep score" (although I am pretty sure everyone cheated in some way or another).    Those that did not play hung out in the tented (warm and dry!) area while the rest of us snow-golfed. 

Although it was cold and slushy, we had an amazing time!!  We were supposed to wear "flair" and my team elected to wear boas, but with 3 layers of pants, and 3 coats, my boa was annoying me so I stuck it in my pants and used it as a tail (which I have always wanted).

Here is my tail.

The official tee.

We even got buttons to commemorate the event.

Looks like Sherri got a hole in one!

Clever way to tote the beer on the "green."

Carrie and BJ warming up in the Beach Bar after our game. 

Horses normally support the dock in the water.  Ironic in the winter.

Alicia in an IGLOO!


All Things Red said...

How fun is THAT?! Looks like a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

Ween, the sentence about the boa tail made my day.

love you!