Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

I love March Madness!  I makes watching basketball so much more fun because you are actively engaged (and chances are you have money on it).  The networks also air great stories about the players (similar to Olympic stories) that really get you emotionally invested in the games. 

Did you get your brackets in?  Who do you have in the final four?
I picked Kansas v Kansas St. and Kentucky v Duke with Duke to win it all.  I pick Duke every year because I met Coach K one year and he was supa nice...and somewhat short...and I love that in a basketball coach.  A short white man commanding his enormous players - excellent.  

 Did you see that Obama filled out a bracket again this year?  Click here to view his picks. 

Good luck!!

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Written Permission said...

I usually NEVER do a bracket, but this year my husband and I are competing against our neighbors. Losers take the winners to dinner. The only rule was that we each had to fill out our own brackets without consulting our spouses. Since I know nothing about sports, this is making things rather interesting...

I was kicking ALL KINDS of butt the first round. Now? I'm last. I have Kansas State vs. Maryland and Duke vs. Villanova (agggghhhh, Villanova!) in the final four, with Kansas State winning it all. Sigh. Kansas State is my only hope!