Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'll have a Blue St. Patty's Day

Hopefully everyone is getting to celebrate today or got to over the weekend by drinking your green beer, telling fantastic Irish jokes, and eating Jigg's dinner (why do we only eat this delicious dinner one time a year?).

Did you wear green today?  Green has become the official color of St. Patrick's Day and of Ireland, but that wasn't always so according to what I read on Wikipedia today.  The report is, since Shamrocks and green ribbons were worn in celebration of St. Patrick, it just became an unofficial tradition to wear green, but different hues of blue are associated with the order of St. Patrick.  Follow this link to read about the coat of arms and view a very interesting blue color chart displaying familiar colors such as Tiffany Blue, Cornflower Blue, and Iris, but also featuring exotics like International Klein Blue, Ultramarine, and Bondi Blue. 


B. said...

I wore blue today, not because I knew this but because I don't have a green work shirt. I just got some crap about it and I sent them some links thanks to you.

Iris Took said...

Nice - just looking out for you buddy!

Anonymous said...

The shades of blue spectrum is awesome!

Didn't Jamie have a car named Baby Blue???

Love you,

All Things Red said...

Erin Go Drop a Bratwurst on the Floor!!!

wrestling kitties said...

It is official, I am going to start wearing cornflower blue for St. Patty's day

I enjoy stuff like this