Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Guacamole Cart

Toledo is abundant with Mexican Restaurants and when Plaza Azteca on Monroe opened (the old El Rodeo, across from the Andersons), I thought that it would be nothing special but, hey, Mexican is always good...and if it's not there's a good story.

Here's my review:

There is an entirely seperate menu for the margaritas and I decided on a Prickly Pear Margarita - and it was enormous, not to mention delicious, and only $5.50.  My only complaint is that it was not very strong, it tasted like candy, but if I am going to commit to a drink like that I would like to walk away with a buzz  Ay carumba!

This was by far and away the best part of the experience.  There was a GUACAMOLE CART that came to your table and the guacamole expert made the guac right there...AT YOUR TABLE!  He peeled the avacados, diced the jalepenos and cilantro, squeezed the lime, and smashed it all together mortar and pastel style.  The tableside guac was only $5.99!

We also ordered some shrimp that came out sizzling in some kind of white cheese with sauteed onions - muy fantastico!

I got the most boring thing on the menu, plain chicken with rice and beans, but it was really tasty.  The chicken was pounded out really flat, the rice was perfect, and how can you go wrong with some refried beans?  None of this is P90X friendly, so I ate mostly the guac and chicken with small bites of everything else.  Oh, yeah, and the margarita.  I hope Tony Horton is not reading this.

The bowls for the chips and salsa were a shiny metal (which I really liked, not gross plastic baskets that never get clean), the entree dishes were giant white squares, and the guacamole bowl was a pig!  Festive with a modern twist.  Also, the bathroom sink was this amazing Spanish tile.  I would have taken a picture but someone walked in as I was pulling out my camera and ruined my moment with the bowl.

This was the only part of the experience that was not great.  Our waitress (well, she was a baaaartender, she explained to us) was absolutely terrible and didn't have the charisma to make up for it.  Not only did she know nothing about the menu, but she had never tried anything and actually told me that 2 out of the three things I asked about didn't look "appetizing."  It was almost funny.  "What's the house sauce?"  "Uh, I'm not  really sure."  "What is in the azteca special sauce?"  "I have no idea."  She wasn't even trying! 

Two out of the four of us got the wrong meals, and our bills were completely incorrect.  There was no thank you when she finally arrived to pick up the checks (that sat there for 10 minutes).  This irks me to no end.  No thank you.  No good night.  No eye contact.  Nothing.  You don't have to gush all over us and ask us to be your facebook friend, but a thank you when picking up your cash tip would be appropriate. 

This place just opened, so I would give it a whirl, just don't sit at the bar.


KZ said...

Even though our favorite waitress at Ruby's hates her job...she's semi happy about it...HA! Sorry we missed this one...i for sure would have passive aggressive style talked about her and then done nothing and left her a usual...UGH : )

AthenaBee said...

I need a margarita so bad.

I want one IN THE HOSPITAL ROOM THE SECOND ZOFIA COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SassyTimes said...

Thanks for the review! I just saw that this place re-opened yesterday as I drove by. It was packed!

From what I remember, when it was open under the other Mexican Restaurant name, the service was awful too. But...that's probably just me being used to El Camino where 5 seconds after you order, your food is somehow hot and ready on your table.

I love the guac cart idea! I'd be all up in that!

Written Permission said...

I am mui intrigued by the idea of a guacamole cart! That sounds FANTASTIC. Sorry your waitress (baaaaaaaaartender) blew.

Bob Monk said...

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