Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations, dude

Over the weekend, we drove to Columbus for an impromptu engagement party (assuming the bride was going to say yes).  I love couples parties because men and women get such different things out of the same experience.

Women:  "Let's run to the store and get champagne and a card for the happy couple."
Men:  "Nah, let's drink his booze instead, we'll get him a gift for the wedding."

Women:  "What a cute engagement story!  It's so thoughtful and well planned!"
Men;  "That bastard is showing me up with that huge rock."

Women:  "Did you know they already have their hall booked?"
Men:  "Yeah, and we have the bachelor party booked...VEGAS BABY!"

Women:  "I really enjoyed meeting the bride's friends from college.  They seemed really nice."
Men:  "How awesome was that pizza?"

I love how guys operate.


B. said...

Ha ha ha, I don't understand how women can't understand us men we are pretty easy and straight forward. Booze, don't show me up, party, food, and of course add sports and sex in there and we are all set.

Anonymous said...

"yup those chicks from college were hot. I wonder if their still easy and if they can put out something biblical in the sac. Can they squirt? " (followed by Bruce noises)


wrestling kitties said...

HHAHAHAHA! Fantastic observation and SO very true!

Word verification "likerest". Why yes I do, thanks for asking

Anonymous said...

i love this post Ween!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Lol. Awesome.

(I'm assuming the bride said yes?)