Tuesday, March 30, 2010

24: 5am-6am

1)  Now we know what was causing the bigness of Hassan's hair - he was hiding his knowledge of combat and weaponry in there.  Way to go Mr. President and way to step up.  Can you just imagine the fist pumping in my house when he saved Jack with his sharp shooting?  I bet you can.

2)  Why in God's name is no one noticing that Dana/Jenny gets up every five minutes to duck into a room, or take a phone call, or talk like a ventriloquist?  It's maddening. 

3)  THIS is the Renee Walker I like - kicking ass and taking names alongside Jack, not the broken down woman we saw at the beginning of the day.  The hard core Renee on the good side of the law is the Renee I love and can stomach being with Jack.  They make and awesome team.

4)  I have never liked Weiss and knew he was going to undermine Taylor but to let Ethan stroke out and possibly die!  Mutiny is on the rise and this guy is going to have to answer to Jack.

5)  I looked up what Tarin said to Samir when he was about to engage the bomb, "The next world is the true life."  Terrorist activity is insanely scary.  How will our hero stop them this time??

6)  Next week is the FINAL two hours of 24.  What show can replace this epic program?


Kate said...

The answer is no show ever... so sad. This is the worst.


Kelly said...

"..or talk like a ventriloquist.." HYSTERICAL!!

Does it seem to you like Tarin is getting cold feet about becoming a suicide bomber??

Moey said...

Next week is the 2 hour special to begin the final 10 hours of 24! There is still a lot more to come in this season. I can't wait for the downfall of Dana/Jenny.
She is T-Terrible! Did you see in the scenes for next week that Jack in interrogating her!!!!!!! I wonder if they'll send Cole in!

Written Permission said...

The answer is: The 24 movie franchise they (I think) have already said they're going to start producing. Looks like Kiefer will have a job for another couple of years, at least. Which is good, because he is really, really short and (I've heard) difficult.

Mike said...

Yeah, I too have big issues with the whole Dana issue. If any of us took that many personal phone calls at our jobs, we'd be noticed. And I'm pretty sure that none of the readers of this prestigious Blog ever worked at CTU during a crisis?! And Arlo was on her ass earlier, why'd he back off? Also, what kind of cell phone does she have?! Cuz I'm pretty sure that EMP blast would've fried the crap out of any cell phone made on this planet...

And wasn't it funny how Madame Prez tells Hastings, "Consider all government services at your disposal." And then immediately phones our beloved super agent and pulls him off the case to look for the nuke rods?!? LOL

Kelly, I think Tarin is going to turn too. He doesn't want to die. But... I could be wrong.

And didn't the Hassan evacuation seem very under-gunned? I think they only had 3 people with automatic weapons. Thank god for Jack and his semi automatic handgun and "Bullseye" Hassan!!