Tuesday, March 23, 2010

24 : 4am-5am

1)  BEST EPISODE OF THE SEASON!  The hour started with full gunfire and never stopped the action!

2)  Jack's the man - I've said it once, I'll say it again.  He's pure gristle.  I loved his Sparta move with the truck door sides, moving like the men of 300, one impenetrable unit, until that moron lost his nerve and broke formation causing a good agent's death.  RIP agent Owen.

3)  There were so many things I didn't see coming in this episode - like Chloe pulling a piece on that NSA a-hole - which was so ballsy of her.  That's a dedicated employee.  How hard-core is Chloe?  She knows how to reconfigure servers and boot up hard drives, trunkated, whatever, whatver, she rocks.  She rocked the face off those NSA jerks too and I liked that Hastings backed her up 100% while squirlly hair troll just quivered in her pumps while simulataneouly selling Chloe out.  "I'm not good with praise.."  Classic!

4)  BIGGEST event I did not see coming, the hair troll is a double agent!!!  For god's sake, as if we couldn't hate Dana/Jenny any more, now she is a traitor too?  For the love of Buchanon, this broad just needs to get pieced, and I hope it's by Cole so he gets some closure (although I am not an enormous Cole fan, I just feel bad for the sap, plus he's helping Jack in the field so I guess he's OK).  I was a little nervous/excited when Milton told Dana that he was "gonna nail your ass to the wall," because I believed him, but then WHAM, she turned the tables.  Maybe we will be able to tolerate her now that the jig is up and she can stop acting like a namby pamby idiot and be the real person she is, whoever she is.

5)  RENEE!  Yes!  Back in action and right to work taking out two men.  She's good.  My friend MERP put is so nicely, "Bout time!  What was she doing?  Polishing Jack's silver?"  I was so excited that we got a slight glimpse of Jack's apartment, all neat and tidy and not lived in.  He's the coolest. 

6)  Let's hope Pres. Taylor can shut these terrorists down next week (next hour!).


Anonymous said...

Definitely best episode of the season. Love how chloe will pull a piece to protect and help Jack. Thanks for the shout out too :)

Moey said...


I just finished watching my DVR'd episode and had to check your blog - IMMEDIATELY - to see what you had to say about dana/jenny/wink look-alike... what a biotch! i felt so betrayed for cole. i can't wait to see how this plays out. do you think there is any chance that milton is still alive?
love the MERP shout out! and LOVE youb!!!

Mike said...

WOW! I had to DVR (sidenote: how did we live without these things?) and didn't get to watch til last night. BY FAR, the best episode! You are so right, Chloe was AWESOME!!! "You're probably an OK guy when you’re not at work." haha I gotta also agree that while I was a little surprised when Dana choked out Milton- I was absolutely blindsided when we discovered she is working for the terrorists!

I think you should cut Cole some slack. The other 2 CTU agents were bone heads tho. And so happy to see psycho hose beast, I mean, Renee back!