Tuesday, March 16, 2010

24: 3:00 am-4:00 am

1)  How did we know that Kayla would be getting kidnapped and used against Hassan by Tarin?  A rebel flag and video tape scare the crap out of me - live violence is so intense - I am glad she "escaped."  Someone must have couriered in some Presidential mousse because Hassan's hair seems to be a wee bit smaller. 

2)  Even though Jenny is not a hair troll any longer (magically her hair is not to one side after her murdered Kevin), she is still annoying to the point that I would like to see Milton get out that red Swingline and staple an arrest warrant to her forehead.  Repeatedly.  How creepy is Milton with that weirdo smile?

3)    It's about FREAKIN time Chloe got a little respect and ran CTU tactical.  She's so amazing.  This is where being curt and dry pays off.  No commentary, just the facts - that's what Jack needs in the field.  It's really quite amazing what they do and how fast it's done.

4)  Tarin - you are a snake.

5)  I didn't see the EMP coming and it was so intense!  I love how fast CTU and Bauer realized it was all a setup just by the facial recognition of Tarin.  CTU is a mess and only one man can help now......


Written Permission said...

I usually multi-task during 24, so I was shocked (shocked!) to see how very giant President Hassan's hair was (I specifically looked for it after you mentioned it last week). And now you're saying it's smaller than usual????? WOW. That is a big-haired president.

I loved Bubba running while yelling "Security!!!" Heehee.

The MOMENT Kayla "escaped," my husband immediately said, "Tarin is still alive, and she's driving a bomb to CTU." I mean, really. How does he do that?! It made me so angry. Show-off.

Iris Took said...

WP - Hassan's hair, while still enormous, was LESS enormous than last week.

Kelly said...

I DVRd this week's episode and didn't watch it until last night. So of course, I did not read your blog post until today! I totally agree about Dana/Jenny/Troll, that entire storyline is so annoying and too unbelieveable. Who just lets some random Milton into CTU during a national crisis? My prediction for next week: Now that CTU is down, Milton won't be able to get the surveillance tape he is looking for. That bomb may have bought us a few more hours of Dana/Jenny annoyance!

Moey said...

Have we talked about how i think Dana looks like Wink? And while I love Wink, something needs to happen with this awful story line. Seriously... a parole officer from Louisiana with a warrant from the NYPD to view CTU files... please... I hate it! I totally agree with Kelly that Milton won't be able to get the files now that the EMP took out the servers... Hopefully this story-line takes a turn for the better ASAP!