Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 : 2:00-3:00 AM

1)  BOOM!  What a good episode!  Jack is so crazy - he can command someone through a pressure chamber with his negotiation skills and intense face.    I was so nervous when the vest started counting down but knew our hero had it under control.  He just picked up Marcos like a rag doll and hurled him back into the chamber - game over!  That weaselly little piss-ant got what what coming to him.  I do feel bad for poor Mare Winningham though.    

2)  Hassan's daughter is getting USED and abused.  She is in for some real trouble with Tarin - did you see next week's preview?  EEEK!  That's some scary crap.  Side note**  The size of Hassan's hair must be directly correlated to the level of his stress because his hair is EEEnormous right now.

3)  Cole should snap Dana's neck.

4)  Hastings should snap Cole's neck.

5)  Chole is so amazingly funny with her terrible timing and curtness.  I love how she makes every situation awkward with her monotone dialouge and impish looks.  "Hey Dana, sorry that you are a dumbass and got demoted!"  LOVE IT Chlo!

6)  Where's Renee?  Carving idols out of kitchen utensils in Jack's apartment?  I hope she is being supervised...for her own good and for the good of national security.

7)  Dana is a sitting duck if Milton from the Office comes snooping around because at this point a spoon is sharper than she is not to mention she is a nervous wreck.  She is going to crack like packet of pop rocks under the pressure.  Let's hope he doesn't bring a Swingline for reinforcement.

See you next week!!


Mike said...

Marcos said he went to the hospital prepared to die. Jack ALMOST disappointed him. So we still have NO CLUE where the terrorist plan on blowing up the uranium. You're right Hassan's hair is HUGE! HAHAHA. Milton should not be allowed to play serious roles. But then again, I questioned casting Freddie Prinze but he's been pretty good. Speaking of casting, is Dana like Charlie (Kelly McGillis) in Top Gun? Leading chick that is meant to be the sex symbol but she's totally not hot...

wrestling kitties said...

I don't watch this show but I would just like to say I think Jack is HOT and totally kicks ass!