Tuesday, March 2, 2010

24: 1 am - 2am


1)  President Hassan is having a bad day - his mistress is revealed and arrested, his wife left him and the country, his brother betrayed him and was killed, his daughter has run off with one of his chief officers (see, she did mess everything up and is a slut!), his big political deal with the United States is about to fail, and his country is potentially under attack as ordered by President Taylor.  That's a bad day.

2)  I like when Hastings told Jack that his idea of "keeping Fahrad" alive wasn't exactly protocol.  Ha, Jack's a hard core renegade and you hired him to get the job done.  PS - nice work in standing up for yourself, Renee, and CTU for once.  Now, keep your momentum going.

3)  To quote my friend, "SHE'S USED GOODS!"  Jack and Renee.  I hate it.
4)  I was hoping that Cole was going to shoot Dana still this week.  No such luck.  They are never going to get away with this.  What operation would let two of it's "top agents" AWOL for 2-3 hours?  Arlo is going to blow the cover off this little sting for sure.  Arlo, Dana/Jenny/hair troll will still not love you, even from her prison cell!

5)  I feel so bad for that poor agent Owen at CTU.  He looks like he's 12 and like his is going to soil himeslf at any minute from fright.  I do enjoy the fact that he gives Jack the respect he deserves by addressing him as "Mr. Bauer."  

6)  The idea of a bomb threat terrifies me and the whole situation surrounding the making of a terrorist really makes me nervous.  "You know what you have to do."  I would be like, "Yeah sure," and find the nearest meat market, strap that C-4 to a large hunk of meat and blow it to smithereens.  One way ticket to the Bahamas?  What about Jack grabbing Mare Winningham and using her against her son!  Renegade!

Tune in next week for more action...


Mike said...

Ok, I'm really annoyed too with the whole Cole/Dana subplot. Yes, CTU didn't track them down by GPS in their phones or Cole's CTU vehicle?!?

And why is that when Marcos took Owen's weapon and shot up Farhad and took 1 shot at Jack and then the clip was empty? I know Owen's a rookie but really, he only carries 4-5 rounds?

But while he's still no Bill Buchanon, I loved when Hastings put Weiss in his place!

Mike said...

ALSO, not only did Jack not rack up any kills this week, we didn't get a single "dammit"... bummer...