Thursday, February 25, 2010

Website Security Questions

I hate these.  Who writes these?  The automated security questions they give you when you sign up for some kind of an account online are the worst questions and I have a terrible time with them, especially since you have to hit the answer dead on.  No spelling mistakes, no punctuaiton mistakes, and forget about capatilaztion mistakes.  I find it maddening to try to remember all these becuase you cannot have the same answer for all of these silly questions.  I always had a hard time with True or False questions in school.  I felt that I could argue either way.  I loved essay. 

Here are some options for security questions for a new banking feature I signed up with today:

1)  What Elementary School did you attend?
I went to a school that has a roman numeral in it and it is also a saint's name.  So, do I put the SAINT or St. or what?  Annoying.

2)  Who is your favorite President?
Who am I?  Monica Lewinsky?  Who has a favorite President?

3)  What street did you grow up on?
Uh, everyone knows that!  Not secure...

4)  What is your favorite hobby?
Um, partying...Come on!

5)  Favorite sports team?
This would be a good one for someone else.  I would say the Mud Hens.

6)  What is your favorite sports activity?
I can't divulge this one, I think I used it.

7)  What is your favorite book?
Really?  How can you pick one?  Ok, the Bible (sorry, that's in poor taste, but this question sucks).

8)  What is your favorite store?
Store!  Can you narrow it down to a category of store?  I can tell you what store I hate and it's Kroger on Secor and Monroe.  Unfortunately this is the closest grocery store to my house so consequentially I will drive 20 minutes out of my way to go to a nice Kroger where I don't feel like I will get mugged in the parking lot.

9)  What is your favorite dessert?
This one actually made me mad.  I have to pick one?  Desserts need two piles - chocolate and non-chocolate.  At least start there. 

10)  What is your favorite beverage?
Again, alcoholic and non.  Even still, I would need a beer, wine, and spirits category for the alcoholic (maybe that's a problem - let's skirt over that).

11)  Who do you admire the most?
What are we talking about?  Olymipcs?  Winter or Summer?  See what I mean...these questions are too broad.

12)  What is your favorite movie?
This is and always will be a problem question for me because you cannot pick just one.  Even still if you gave me a trilogy that would make it easier, but how do you choose between LOTR, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Ghostbusters.  Really.

13)  What was your favorite school subject?
NERD!  Recess....and German. 

Can you answer any of these questions distinctly?  Play along with me - answer in the comments section.  This is essay.


Amber said...

You crack me up!

"Who am I? Monica Lewinksky?" Love it!

The road I grew up on was Road 8. The long name was Defiance-Paulding County Line Road 8. How's that for an answer?

Also, I HATE that Kroger. Just thinking about driving in that parking lot makes me break out in hives.

Written Permission said...

We had "Ghetto Krog" when I lived in Columbus. Now we have Trashy Krog and Two-Tooth Wal-Mart.

I agree -- I HATE these questions! And asking the "favorite" questions is just stupid -- what if you only come back to this account every year or so? Am I really supposed to remember my favorite movie of 2004?

I like the ones that let you make up your own security question. I can always think of something 1) more secure and 2) easier for me to remember.

Monica Lewinsky. Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

We lovingly refer to that Kroger as Ghetto Kroger as well. We HATED it and it was one of the single best reasons about moving away from that area.

This whole thing made me smile...

The other annoying thing about these questions is that more times than not, if you don't remember the answer EXACTLY the system will lock you out for 24 hours. Completely the worst - especially if you have a payment due or something. I'm just saying, this may or may not happen to me on a monthly basis. :)


Erika Jean said...

hahah that was a great post!

Erika Jean said...

PS. Our Ghetto Kroger in Clifton was "Kroghetto" ;-)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

LOVED this post.

YOU are hilarious.


(My favorite president was Taft. Kidding. I have no favorite president. Who the "h" does?!)

All Things Red said...

The ones where you have a clear answer that you won't screw up later are the exact same ones that everyone who knows you would guess - STUPID!