Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Break, 20-never

Last night I had an amazing dream of being on vacation in a warm, tropical land.  Beach, pool, drinks, music, landscape - it all seemed so real and wonderful.  You know how the air feels on vacation - like it's hugging you?  Not like the cold winter wind - like it's slapping you (and laughing cruelly).


Stupid alarm clock.  Stop it!

I looked out my window and saw snow.  How depressing. 

Are you going on Spring Break this year?  Skiing in Michigan does not count, I am talking a REAL Spring Break where you hit the beach and get a little sun!  Vitamin D is good for you and so are margaritas.  I miss the mandatory Spring Break we got in college - one whole week to go do whatever we wanted in Florida, Mexico, or someplace FUN!  It would have been ideal to get another week break to rest when we got home.   Now, that's paradise.

"Cabo" for you, K.


AthenaBee said...

Oh that looks so lovely. Louis and I use to go somewhere tropical every year or so. Now that I'm going to have 2 (!) kids, will we be able to do that again? Like what do people do with their kids? Kennel them? I don't know.

Trophy Life said...

luckily i get to go to Costa Rica next week and went last year to Cabo to see Ky. Although it's fun, it's just not the same. Adult Spring Break means coming back to an overloaded inbox and i've been doing online classes these past few years to really enjoy ANY vacation.
my conclusion: college is the best time of a young person's life.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

There is a BED in our spare bedroom WAITING for you!

YAY for Cabo!

I wish I could have a spring break, too though...