Thursday, February 4, 2010

Movie Reviews

Since I have been ill, I have been doing some heavy duty TV watching (and I love it). I am also on the scramble to watch all the Oscar-nominated films before the big awards. Here was my last week's "accomplishments":

Julie & Julia: LOVE LOVE LOVE Meryl Streep as Julia Child (she's freakin' hi-larious)! The way that the film parallels Julia's life with 2002 New York's "Julie" was done excellently. Bonus - not only is the movie about cooking, it's also about BLOGGING! Delightful with no calories.

Defiance: Talk about tough as nails. Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber are incredible as brothers leading a community of Russians living in the woods from the Nazis during WWII. Powerful, dramatic story (based on true people and events), gritty, painful, and inspiring.

Up: What a nice surprise! A touching story filled with whimsical characters that you just want to *HUG*. Go on this adventure with your kids, niece or nephew, or girlfriends. Nice humor, visually stunning - Pixar films just keep cranking out the hits.

Green Street Hooligans: Not a new movie, I had never heard of this 2005 film but man was I happy I watched it. Imagine a cross between Fight Club and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - Drinking, sports, fights, English accents (duuuuuude). Guys, you will love this movie, I guarantee it. You can skip J&J and up.

Ninja: I am embarrassed to have seen this one and, for the record, did NOT pick it out. Dumbest movie ever! Ninja guy and girl on the run protecting a secret box from the bad ninja. Bad acting, bad effects. Bad, bad, bad.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Christmas Special): This is not for the weak-hearted or conservative. Our Paddy's gang is in FULL FORCE offending everyone in this flick because it never aired on cable. Even poor Santa's not safe. I was actually shocked about 4 times but was laughing the whole time. Must see for Sunny fans.


wrestling kitties said...

We are on the same page today...we both had our long overdue movie reviews!!

I LOVED Up. Cried by the 11 minute mark and just thought it was SO funny and sweet!

I very much enjoyed Julie and Julia. Thought it was charming and made me want to cook more and blog more. It was alot longer than I expected though, but still a fun movie.

We got Always Sunny for my dad for christmas but I have not watched it yet. I want to see it as it looks HILARIOUS! It sounds like it will not disappoint!

AthenaBee said...

I loved Up too! I was so bummed when Athena wouldn't sit down for it. You know what movie she will sit in complete silence for? The Simpsons Movie.