Friday, February 19, 2010

The Flying F*@#in' Tomato

I missed Shaun White grabbing the gold so I had to watch it online and wanted to share - here it is.  Did you hear about the controversial expletives from his coach?  Apparently, after White won he was having a conversation with his coach, they were all pumped up, and the coach used non-Disney language - it was evident just by watching (the sound was not actually recorded).

 Some people are offended by this.  Uh, Crazy!  Get over it.  This is not a Disney world - athletes and their coaches are way jacked up as they SHOULD BE.  The Snowboarding world isn't run by suits and briefcases.  Their uniforms are skateboard plaid and faux-jean for cripes sake.  Should they talk like that in an interview - no - but NBC didn't need to have a camera in his face and broadcast that.  Everyone in the world knows what those four-letter words look like, especially when enunciated.  Leave the guys alone, they're excited.  It's not like they had four strippers and a pole up, spraying champagne all over the place to the tune of "Girls, Girls, Girls."  Let's lighten up.  Here's Shaun getting some mutha f@*&in air.  Did you get that? 



AthenaBee said...

And this is why you sit through everything else for the winter Olympics.

Written Permission said...

Oh, brother. Get over yourselves, people! Stop trying to police everyone! The world is full of spontaneity and spontaneous reactions. I can't believe people complain about stuff like that. Go find something else to do!!

Also, Shaun White is awesome. :)

Sarah W said...

Ha! I f&@*ing love Shawn White and I love this f*!@ing post!

F*&# YEAH!

Wendy said...

I watched it live and thought it was hilarious! It's a blunder on NBC's part, not the athletes/coaches. They shouldn't have a boom mic all up in his grill - what did they expect? They are snowboarders, not dainty figure skaters.

I haven't been very impressed with the TV coverage this year - we have a HD-TV which picks up all of the details. Too many details. I'm a bit tired of all of the close-up shots of faces. I can see nose hairs. Eww. The cameras and the mics need to just take a few steps back - it feels too intrusive.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

This was SO unbelievably cool. And I agree with Wendy - they're athletes, we don't EVER want to hear what they're saying whilst in athlete-mode.

Um, let's throw a boom mike on a college football field, eh?

And this is why I HATE figure skating. SNOWBOARDING is so much cooler.

wrestling kitties said...

I watched it live and started laughing when they were talking because you knew people would get all upset about it. He just won the gold for goodness sake, I would be cussing up a storm! Yes, they are athletes...get the microphone out of their face if you don't want to hear that.

I LOVE SNOWBOARDING!!!!! Shaun White ROCKS. Seriously, how much better was he then everyone else. I mean they were good but he is on a whole other level then the rest. awesome

Mike said...

I like where your head's at. I totally would've gone with the 4 strippers!