Friday, February 12, 2010

Antiques Gone Wild!

According to Wikipedia, "Antiquing is the act of shopping, identifying, negotiating, or bargaining for antiques. Items can be bought for personal use, gifts, and in the case of brokers and dealers, profit. Antiquing is performed at garage sales, estate sales, resort towns, antiques districts, collectives, and international auction houses."

Whew.  Now go wash your grimy, dusty hands.

I hit our Antique Mall Downtown on Erie Street yesterday juuuuust to see if I could find a serving platter that was not $30 like the ones I found at the Libby Glass Factory Outlet next door.  Note: they were all boring and one color.  I would pay for a really cool serving dish but not a giant COLORLESS one.  Dull. 

Regardless, I entered the Antique mall and it felt like I hit a pirate ship of sunken treasure!  This place was crazy loaded with all kinds of miscellaneous items - you know - antiques!  However, there were not just antiques, nope, there were perfectly new Crabtree & Evelynn items..don't start a stampede...

It was fun to peruse the booths of OPS (other peoples' stuff) and I felt like I was snooping, which made it even more fun.  I kept opening drawers to credenzas, peeking behind pictures, and lifting up things to look at the bottom of it and NOBODY cared.  The carnival of randomness was totally empty too so I really owned the joint.

I would like to go back there to hit the jewelry section because I saw some beauts in there just calling my name. There was also a section displaying purses that did NOT look like knock-offs and if I can't tell, then no one will know.  I can already hear the lie coming out of my mouth..."Thanks!  I got it in Toronto...I just felt like I deserved was Canadian money it, felt like Monopoly money!"

Check out your local Antique Mall for some good clean (well, not really) fun, after all, it is supporting local business and technically it's recycling too.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

One of the things I absolutely miss about living in To-le-do is the antique mall. Do they still have that HUGE one out on Reynold's Road?

(I found two astonishingly fun old shampoo chairs at the Erie Street Market. They're chrome with blue sparkle seat and back cushions. A little bit of bar keeper's friend and they were in tip top condition.")


Written Permission said...

I love antique stores! I just love feeling all that history in one place...not to mention what you said about snooping through other people's things. :) Plus, you just KNOW there's something in there with a drawer that someone didn't go through, and it's holding some kind of secret treasure.

Love it! How fun. :)

wrestling kitties said...

T. loves antique stores...seriously LOVES them. I sorta like antique stores. I love all the stuff you can find and I am really into vintage things or unique things so for that it is perfect. However, I first off HATE shopping and can not spend 2 hours just looking at everything in an antique store like my husband does. I usually speed a head and then wait in the front for an hour while he finishes looking.

I also am not a fan of ALL the creepy dolls. WHY SO MANY DOLLS?! If they got rid of all dolls and clown figurines it would make my experience alot more enjoyable instead of how it is now....I will be minding my business then BAM scary doll smiling at my with half of her eyelid stuck closed. not cool.

I also refuse to touch certain items if I think they look too creepy or have a weird vibe because I fear that there could be a spirit attached to the item and if I touch it, the spirit may haunt me. Yes, I really think that.

My favorite thing in antique stores....the old marketing ads where everything from cigarettes to alcohol to corn flakes were shown. We have a number of those and I love those!

Moey said...

do they still have their fantastic poster/picture section?