Tuesday, February 23, 2010

24: 12am-1am

1)  "Back up Son, or you're gonna get hurt."  Only Jack Bauer can say lines like this...and we believe him.

2)  Hastings is a schmuck.  He cannot stick to his guns about anything and changes his mind constantly.  Be a man!  Renee did murder that POS Vlad, but Hastings is just trying to save his own ass.  I loved Jack's speech to him about using his power and that the head of CTU has more "juice thank you think." 

3)  What about Jack manhandling that woman?  I love it.  No one is safe from Jack's wrath.  Don't cross the Bauer.  YES!

4)  How pathetic is Bazahev?  Remember when he shot his son?  Now he is a heap of a man.

5)  I don't like for one minute the possible romantic link between our hero and Renee.  It just grosses me out for some reason, maybe that reason is because I feel like she's a whore and doesn't deserve Jack.  Audrey Raines broke my heart for Jack.  I may have thought Renee and Jack were good to go at the end of last season, but not now - she's a psycho.  He needs someone more, well, less PSYCHO!  Is it too much to ask for poor Jack to have a semi-normal life to enjoy and not have to be a crutch for someone like Renee.  Although perhaps that is what he needs.  He cannot stay away from the fire - the action!

6)   Dana/Jenny is so foul and her stupidity has pushed me to the edge.  Her "creole" future ex-fiancee (if he has any sort of ca-hones) tried to get her out of the situation and now it is even worse.  My prediction:  Dana/Jenny will rat herself out now when she should have done it 5 episodes ago before that poor sonofabitch Cole got involved.  I was so hoping Cole was going to shoot her.

7)  Things are about to get crazy in the White House.  President Taylor is getting all hot under the collar and she's about to put her foot down.  Fahrad is about to die and he knows he messed up, let's hope he can help the situation - my guess, the bad guys find him before the good guys do and President Taylor sends in the troops.


Christina Thomas said...

I love this show! Along with Law & Order, CSI and Criminal Minds. Lately,on Friday nights I have been watching Criminal Minds from like 10pm until 4am.

Kelly said...

Still love Jack and Chloe, still can't stand Dana/Jenny and her on again/off again accent. Both Dana/Jenny and FPJ have sporadic accents...annoying.

Have you noticed also that Hastings walks like a hunchback all the time?! I think someone needs to raise the height of the ceilings in CTU...

Iris Took said...

Yes, Kelly! Hastings is a hunchback. Can't stand him. Go Chloe!