Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24: 11pm-12am

1)  Was there any doubt our hero would bust his way out of torture?  It was just a matter of how he would do it - with grace and tact!  The amazing Jack Bauer turning the battery on his enemy with his feet!  Classic Jack.

2)  An open-shirted Jack dupes Bazhaev's entire thug posse with little to no difficultly with style and creativity.  Way to use a banquet table!  President Taylor is seeing red and she's ready to deal to get this situation handled.  Bazhaev's "crying" over his son?  Russian Please.  You cared about him as much as you cared about that china that you blew to pieces with your big ass shot gun.

3)  Renee looks unstable as ever and I don't trust her to stay put at CTU.  I am putting money on her trying to get out and "help" Jack.  Psych eval?  Good call.

4)  Ok, did anyone else pick up FPJ's accent during his little heart to heart (that ended up being  about nothing) with Dana/Jenny?  All of a sudden he's a Southern Creole?  If my fiancee called me into a room during a national crisis and gave me that line of bullshit I would not just pat her dumb little head and tell her "good talk."  Arlo's onto her now and ratted her out.   PS Look's like someone at Fox has been reading my blog because the hair troll's hair was not just to one side yesterday.  Let's get the makeup people in for some mascara next time.  Thanks.

5)  Bonnie and Clye are at a strip club now...of course they are.  What's Dana/Jenny going to do?  Pull a gun on him that gets turned on her and then Cole will have to come rescue her.  Sigh.  Amateurs.

6)  Hassan's daughter is going to make a mess.  "But Father, we're in love..."  Ugh!

7)  Josef is mad and making a statement.  He's got the rods and taking them into Fahrad's hands!  Let's hope Jack doesn't get exposed...again...this time.

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