Monday, January 25, 2010


On my drive home tonight, the snow and hail starting coming down so fast it looked like a giant white koosh ball. Remember koosh balls? I had three of them:
1) Yellow with a blue stripe through the middle of it
2) Purple, magenta, and green
3) Multi-colored

I loved holding the ball by that one strand and then finding the loop, putting it around your finger and trying not to break it. I also thought it was fun to trim the koosh with scissors. I gave my koosh a flat-top.

Kooshes were fun! Ah, the simple entertainment of childhood.


Erika Jean said...

oh man... those things were the best!

Trophy Life said...

i never "trimmed my Koosh" but i think it's clever that you did. i liked my Koosh but could never get over 1). the smell (rubber) and 2). that hair would easily get stuck in it!

B. said...

Those were great, although I don't know why. I might still have one in my attic.

Written Permission said...

Kooshes rocked! They are excellent for brainstorming, when you just need something mindless to do with your hands so your mind can think in peace.

Also: Someone in my office has a Koosh as big as a soccer ball. It's magenta, and it is awesome.

Anonymous said...

SSSSSS! love kooshes!