Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1) Renee's scene at gun point was so intense! She's definitely got a death wish - good thing Jack's looking out for her. How about when he yelled DAMMIT, freaked out, and did a 180 with his car in the middle of the highway. Jack ATTACK!

2) Was anyone else sweating bullets when Vlad was grilling her for information? R.a.o.u.l....C.a.s.t.i.l.l.o...she is an ice queen. Rock solid.

3) Vlad is a psycho - broken ribs, broken cheekbone? Renee?!?!? What are you doing! I am nervous for next week. Going DARK!

4) Is is bad that I wouldn't be sad if that dude from "Jenny's" past just shot her and got it over with? This is going to mess up the entire operation. It's not making me feel bad for her - it's making me hate her.

5) This Arlo guy is in love with Dana/Jenny and that's going to be a mess too. Annoying. Office non-romance - barf.

6) Ok - weapons-grade uranium? That's some serious business. I am not sure how that could be cured in less than 24 hours. Let's see...

7) Jack Bauer as a German based rich guy? YES!

8) Just when President Taylor thinks she's made some progress, Hassan has to go invoke Martial Law. It's all going crazy now.

Tune in next week for more action and yelling!


Kelly said...

I absolutely LOVE your commentary on 24 Weener!! That show is to die for! Seriously, it is one of the highlights of our week. Over and out...I'm going dark!

Written Permission said...

I love your commentary, too!

I absolutely HATED Renee last year and love her now. She was GREAT this week. I had seriously almost given up on this show after last season, but they've PULLED ME BACK IN.

Hate, hate, HATE Dana/Jenny. I don't care about her or her stupid ex. She's an idiot for letting him into her apartment. I hate that whole subplot -- it's adding nothing to anything.

Love Chloe. Just the way she says, "...oh-KAY..." makes me happy.

Every time they say "weapons-grade uranium," I think of Back to the Future! "It's the Libyans!" Ha.