Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 - Season Premier part 2

The first 4 hours of this season are pretty intense - and awesome! Here's the rundown from where I sit:

1) Renee Walker has come back to CTU a la Jean Grey as the Phoenix. She's obviously been through hell and you can tell because she's acting the the devil's spawn. The saw!

2) I really don't hate FPJ as Ortiz - it's his namby pamby fiancee and her dumb stalker that are making me mad. You're stalking me - oh ok, relinquish my apartment key to you. DUMB! That lip pucker and blank stare on her face makes me want to smack it off her. This isn't a runway, stop fixing your hair! Snap out if it sister!

3) Chloe redeems herself to Hastings - about time!

4) We saw that dirty rat of a brother's plot a mile away, let's hope he gets offed pretty soon along with Mike Farmington (the shady prison guard from the Green Mile).

5) Allison Taylor is handling this crisis pretty well and I am liking President Hassan because he is being so cooperative and seems to be super intelligent. Which makes me nervous.

6) I like how the CTU agents just talked about millions like it was baseball cards. No biggie! It's just a few billion. Whatevs.

7) We're in trouble now. THE RUSSIAN MOB!

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Written Permission said...

HATE the fiancee and her stalker. HATE.

Confession: I could not stand Renee last season. Now? She totally rocks. I enjoy that she went rogue immediately and that Jack is now in the position of trying to reign in someone going rogue. Oh, how the tables have turned, Grandpa!

Agree about Hassan's brother -- and am I the only one who keeps thinking he's a chick when they show him in a long shot? His hair is so freaking bouncy and voluminous!