Friday, June 26, 2009

We Remember the King of Pop

Everyone in the world knows Michael Jackson's name and was shocked by his untimely death yesterday. There is no way I could not mention one of my favorite artists - a brilliant singer, dancer, and entertainer. He will be missed.

I remember seeing Thriller for the first time. I ran and hid under the bed because it scared me so much (maybe because I was 5, maybe because it was so awesome, who knows):

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I don't think you can ask that

Ok, all you moms (Kylee!!!) and moms to be out there, tell me.....

I just don't think it's ok to ask someone if they had a C-section or if they had the baby, uh, well, naturally. That's basically asking about their ladybusiness and I don't think that's ok unless you are the person responsible for the birth (the dad) or the immediate family (even then, possibly not ok).

Even as I type this, I am uncomfortable and a bit angry about it. I think that women that just had a baby have so many other things to talk about other than their junk. So, if I tell you that my friend just had a baby, you better not ask me "Did she have a C?" because not only will I not have asked and most likely not know, but I will probably get mad at you for asking (read mad and uncomfortable).

Am I crazy? Is this like a, "you don't understand unless you have a baby" thing? Tell me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Library Help

I wanted to pass this along from my friend who works at the library downtown:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make you aware of something very important affecting our community this week.

Governor Strickland’s proposed budget cuts public library funding by 50%. For many of our libraries here in Ohio, this is devastating news. The Toledo Public Library has issued a press release (attached) with more information and has also created a form on their home page where you can send your legislators an email regarding this issue. Click here to visit their website: They also provide a link to Governor Strickland’s website where you can also comment on this issue. The library is urging you to make contact by Thursday, June 25th. I’ve sent a personal email and would ask that you do the same if you wish. They make it really easy by providing talking points; it took me less than 5 minutes.

Even if you live outside Toledo, this affects you too. Visit your local libraries’ website or call them to find out how to contact your local legislators regarding this issue.

Thank you for your consideration!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well, that's something all right

The Something Store sells stuff - totally random stuff. You send in $10 and you get a box with "something" in it, you just have no idea what. It's basically like a grab bag.

I am not sure why you would do this other than sheer curiosity. What do you think? Should I order something?

The Hangover

It's funny - really funny. It's a comedy worth seeing in the theater. I was getting a bit skeptical because everyone was telling me how funny it is, but it still delivered.

The Hangover stars Andy from the Office (I love him), Bradley Cooper (you will really love him), and some amazing cameos (I don't want to tell you who they are if you have not seen this movie). The whole theater was laughing the whole time, there was no stupid moral to the story, and it never got slow. My favorite cameo - the band at the wedding.

It's inappropriate but it never made me want to throw up - it just made me want to go to Vegas. Go see it (and stay until the end and watch the credits!!!!!).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rent or own

Catching up with friends is fun and I enjoy talking about what's happening in other people's lives, but what I do not enjoy is when people ask me if I rent or own. Uh, why do you care? How is is affecting you? I find this question so annoying I usually start lying or end the conversation. The people that ask you this are the people that own, and the people that own are the people that judge the renters.

Then, if someone tells me that I just have to buy, and it's a buyers market, I just lose it. I have no patience for someone giving me a lecture on what I should and should not do with my finances unless it's my parents (and even then I don't like it). Sorry that I don't want to buy a house that I cannot afford and go into debt like the entire country. Leave me alone.

Ugh. So, let's add that to the list of what not to discuss among friends. Religion, politics, and home ownership.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bed, Bath, and Beyond Amazing

How many wedding gifts you you think you have purchased in your lifetime? Try to add it up and tell me in your comments.

I just love a place where the gift wrap is complimentary! I mean, gift wrap and/or gift bag, tissue paper, and a card add another at least $10 to your purchase. Let's be serious, wrapping is fun, but if someone else is doing if for you pro bono, go for it.

Bed, Bath and Beyond does this for gifts for a bridal registry and I love them for it. I believe Williams-Sonoma does too because they include those things that I can only assume are jello molds with the green ribbon. PS - What the hell are those things?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Having a summer cold is super annoying - but somehow I have been sick since Sunday night. I have been taking Alka-Selzer plus Cold, and Airborne (although I don't think that does anything), so finally I took Zycam. I meant to get the swabs, but got the nasal spray by accident instead. Dear Lord, it stung terribly! I absolutely abhor nasal spray and bet they use it as a form of torture in some countries. Flonase is the same for me, Afrin - ugh! It drips down your throat and comes out your nose, but you aren't supposed to blow your nose, and you are supposed to sniff deeply -what?!?! GROSS! Oh, and everything tastes terrible for hours. At least Zycam is menthol /eucalyptus and not that flowery junk - barf.

Do you use nasal spray?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For Rent

Need an apartment? Know someone that does?

2 Bedroom upper duplex 3031 Middlesex for rent $600/month.
2 car garage, basement, and deck off back bedroom.
Located on the corner of Middlesex and Central (near Cricket West and Arnies).
Available for immediate possession.

This is a great duplex and I would love to see it rented. Please let me know if you are interested.

I will post pictures soon.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I had to use my imagination

Use your Illusion was disappointing, friends. I realize that I am an overly critical, emotional superfan (someone not to be named did call me that on Friday), but I mean, when you are a "tribute" band, you should be the best.

The lead singer looked like Bret Michaels, did NOT sound like Axl, and the worst part for me was that he messed up a lot of the lyrics. Uh, hello! Tribute Band! You are not Axl, you can't just take poetic justic on Mr. Brownstone.

After I calmed down about that, I did think it was fun to hear the music live(the not perfect, not as good, poser music) and the crowd was amusing -it was biker night. The best part was that we got a seat at the bar and the tvs had GnR videos playing the whole time. Nice.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Whiskey Militia

If you love a good deal and like the excitement of "for a limited time only!", then Whiskey Militia is for you. Check out this fun website. They have deals and steals galore (like 70% off!) and really sweet stuff (watches, sunglasses, shoes, hoodies, etc...). BJ and Sal turned me on to this site and they have been obsessed with it for years.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Use your Illusion

Tomorrow night at the Omni, Guns N' Roses tribute band Use your Illusion is playing at 7:30pm.

I have been dying to see a Gn'N tribute band and am totally excited for this. Turtle Parade, I will probably fall over and have a bar stool crush me at this event. You should probably come. WARNING***If this band is good, I am going to freak out (in a good way). WARNING***If this band is bad, I am going to freak out (in a bad way). Either way, this is going to be an emotional night for me, as I live and die by the lyrics of William Bruce Bailey.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Sorella

Two of my dear friends have started their own business making customized gifts for showers, weddings, parties, kids and more!

Please check out their website at They can make just about anything. These two are the most creative and fun sisters you will find.

Plastic bags - blech

I find plastic bags annoying - yes because they ruin the environment, but mostly because when I spend $50 or more dollars, I want a nice, square paper bag with ribbon or fabric handles.

Also, I feel that when you buy a dress that is $100 or more, you should get a garment bag. A plastic bag just doesn't cut it and doesn't stand up to a road trip.