Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love it when people say stuff like this

I heard someone say this the other day:

"Let's just go back to the dry erase board."

I guess the drawing board is out.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Craigslist - Male Whore edition

Thank you to BJ who brought this one to my attention. This CL post is from Jackson, MI and is not for the faint of heart (read, slightly pornographic). Good Lord.

This guy is looking for love in all the most disgusting places (Michigan craigslist) and has posted 4 posed pictures of himself. The last one is my favorite: black cutoff tee (complete with thunderbird graphic), white belt, and tight jeans. Holla.

Click here if you dare.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


1) Ike Dubaku is a bad dude - the data base was hidden on his body? That was intense.
2) I am glad that stupid little punk in the FBI got caught, what a twerp. That girl was a moron for trusting him.
3) Chloe rocks computer skills.
4) Best action move of the night: Jack sliding across the hood of a burning car while drawing a gun - oh yes.
5) What's up with the punk first daughter? What's her issue?
6) Next week looks good - maybe we will finally find out who the VP is.
7) Nice final scene with the "dark side of Tony." I liked it.


I have not been writing much and I am sorry, and although I am busy and excited about my new job, I have not been extremely inspired to write lately. So, here are some random thoughts:

1) I hate it, absolutey hate it when you are at the bar and are just trying to wash your hands and there is a gaggle full of skanks checking themselves out in the mirror and blocking you out. Uh, HELLO?!?! I have to wash my hands, get the F out of my way and stop being so gd narcissistic.

2) Lent starts tomorrow and I want to give something up for "lent" but feel it is only self serving. I also feel like I am a pick and choose Catholic at this point because I feel very strongly (in favor) of some ideals and very strongly (against) others. Sigh.

3) High heels are for the birds. Sure they make you look better in general but are not good for your feet and ankles over time and are certainly not comfortable to walk in for over an hour.

4) Talking on the phone is not my strong suit after work. I don't know why, but I just don't feel like chatting lately either. I really enjoy the downtime after work and since I always go over my minutes, I know I am calling SOMEBODY back.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1) How annoying is Janis Gold (Janine Garafolo)? Why don't you just blow the whole thing?
2) We new that weasely little punk was bad but it seemed too obvious (ps the only good thing about Janis was when she called him a little bitch back! hahah!)
3) I love Allison Taylor.
4) Loved the Morris O'Brien cameo - and the son! Need to see more of Morris.
5) I am sick and tired of Larry Moss. Renee Walker is having a hard time with Jack's extreme tactics and Larry just making it worse. THEY HAVE A JOB TO DO DAMMIT!
6) Markia doesn't stand a chance against Dubaku.
7) Where is Tony Almeda?
Today I started my new The Toledo Zoo!! I am very, very excited and am really looking forward to this opportunity. Today was not your typical first day on the job, although I did fill out paperwork and meet new people, this was a little different.
1) I met 87 people, and that's not even everyone. The Zoo has a huge full time staff and in the summer the part-time staff and volunteers are abundant.
2) We went over emergency animal escape procedures(!) and other stuff like fire drills and tornado sightings.
3) Toured the entire Zoo and some behind the scenes areas.
4) Learned that herpetology is not a disease you catch from a nasty person - it is the care of reptiles.
5) Saw the daily feeding schedule for all the animals in the Zoo.

So, I am gainfully employed and think I landed a fantastic job where I can be settled for a long time. Thanks everyone for your support!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I dare you

Take the Listerine challenge - you are supposed to vigorously swish 2 teaspoons of Listerine in your mouth for 60 whole seconds before you spit it out. Friends, this is indeed a challenge. I have finally worked my way up to a full minute it but only using the purple kind and that might not be as intense as the original.

If you can take the heat (and sting), do it. My mouth feels incredibly clean and I don't have that nasty toothpaste taste in my mouth for half the morning (does anyone else thing toothpaste isn't enough to get rid of morning breath?). I am a fan.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep your comments (and eyes ) to yourself

I know I am one of those people that just attract comments and weird conversation (as I have shared with you in the past). This one today might just take the cake.

Sitting in the St. V's waiting room, waiting for a drug screen (ps I got a job - more on that later) and standard physical. This gentleman in his late 40s, not terribly messy, but not extremely nicely dressed says to me, "Back injury?"

Not joking.

I look at him like what the shit are you talking about and he tries again. "Strain your back?" Just floored, just flabbergasted, I didn't even know what to say to this perv. In my experience, this kind of comment means only one thing.

"NO." I go back to reading my whatever the hell it was and sit there an fume. How is that ok? So, Mr. I can't keep to myself, if I could have been more direct and as big of an a-hole as you are here would have been my comment back to you. "No, sir. What are you here for? A lobotomy? Oh right, probably just the check up after the double castration/lobotomy. Idiot."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Radz and Bizarro World

Happy Birthday BJ! Have a fun day and try not to:
1) Set anything on fire
2) Get kicked out of the Beach Bar, Nest, or the Brass Rail
3) Flip any sort of vehicle

We'll bring you Tony Packo's next time we make the trip.


I cannot sit down and just watch tv - I must channel-surf. This is infuriating for those trying to watch tv with me and also for me to remit control of the tv, but I cannot just watch one thing. Also, since I don't have DVR or TiVo right now, watching commercials is certainly not an option.

Do you surf?

Also, I can do this for hours, essentially having watched nothing and completely wasting my day. Good thing I don't have a job right now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Music for the masses

A friend of mine told me about this little website - - and it has changed my life - or at least my workouts and car rides. This Russian based website is totally legit and offers songs to download for a minimal price. How minimal? Oh, nine cents a song...bouyah! You heard me, nine cents! Some songs can be up to nineteen cents, but I don't think that's breaking anyone's bank. Check it out, seriously.

I don't download any music or videos for free (like limewire or imesh from back in the day) but this is basically free - I mean, NINE CENTS?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. President, what do you think about (insert random question)?

Last night was President Obama's first prime time press conference and I was glued to it. How nice to have a terrific orator in the White House again, one who delivers thought out, clear responses. I have hope.

Anyway, did you watch? Most of the press conference had to do with the stimulus plan and our economic crisis, but one reporter actually asked Mr. President what he thought of A Rod and his steroid use. Really? That's like asking him what he thinks about Jessica Simpson's weight gain. His answer was excellent by the way.


1) Poor Henry Taylor. This dude has been through the ringer and just got worked. The title "The First Gentleman" is funny to me however.
2) Poor Allison Taylor, she has had some terrible decisions to make.
3) Renee Walker is a hard ass.
4) Larry Moss is totally jealous of Jack and I like it.
5) Best line of the show (by Jack of course). After Larry says that the rules are what make us better, Jack says, "Not today..." Yes!
6) Is anyone else tired of the FBI semi-drama that is going on between the dark haired dude, the blonde floozy, and Janine Garafalo? Dumb.
7) I don't like/trust Ethan.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Creepy Craigslist

Ok, if you were looking for an apartment, would you call us this person? Share a large Victorian (read haunted) home in a professional setting? Seriously? Do people do this in Toledo? I mean in New York or Chicago I can see getting a random roommate, but Toledo? What really creeped me out were the pictures. Look at the first one with the reflection in the mirror! Is that a ghost? Yikes.

It's February

...and I have not posted since January! Sorry! I have been a little uninspired (aka unemployed) but no matter as I have lots on the line should be gainfully employed soon.