Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Wars: In Concert!

Star Wars: In Concert! hit the Lucas County Arena on Tuesday night much to the delight of the attendees. Displayed in the concourse were these huge canvas scenes that you could get photographed in front of and models from the movies accompanied by trivia, more info, tons of swag, and of course, geeks totally geeked.

The concert itself was just incredible. A full orchestra played the scores from all six movies while Sir Anthony Daniels himself (C3-PO to those of you that live under a rock) narrated the story in person - and he was absolutely fabulous. The concert flow was in chronological order (which is really interesting to see) and was extremely well assembeled. There were a series of segments all labeled with a theme. Daniels would give the prelude, then the orchestra would play a score, while clips and segments according to that segment's theme played on a ginormous screen behind the orchestra. Segments were titles such as A Hero Rises, Droids!, An Empire is Forged, an Unlikely Alliance, a Jedi is Trained, Imperial March - Ho. Lee. Crap! It was so amazing!!!! Often, the audience was treated with lasers or the occasional flame blast. I clapped like a 6 year old boy, fist pumped a few times, and smiled the entire performance.

I think Danny put it best when he said, "It's not that you're a nerd if you like Star Wars, it's just that a lot of nerds like Star Wars. " Well put....and well displayed on Tuesday night. Here are some photos of other people's kids as they would not get out of the way for me to take pics of the cool Star Wars stuff....

If you missed this last night (or want to go again), Star Wars: In Concert! is on tour folks so don't fret. You can follow the show as it tours the US. There is also an official blog. Check it out here.

Trailer of one of the segments: A Hero Falls. Honestly (and you can make fun of me in the comments, however I do not care), I found this show extremely moving. I absolutely love movie scores and the Star Wars scores are among my most favorite.

Here are some pictures of the event:

The warning on the doors entering the arena:
Us in front of CHEWY!

Little Darth Vader (even with the powers of the dark side of the force) cannot resist the temptation of a hot dog:

Sir Anthony Daniels (C3-Po):

The Orchestra:

The Screen:

Han Solo frozen in carbonite. "I love you." "I know...."

My cousins and I in Coursant:


Written Permission said...

OK, I have exactly zero interest in Star Wars, but that looks awesome. :) Seriously. How cool does that orchestra look??

(Let it be known that even though I don't like Star Wars, I AM a nerd. How else could you account for the fact that, when I saw the laser warning sign, all I thought was, "They forgot the apostrophe in 'tonight's.'" Nerd!)

Dri said...

OH MAN! We are looking this up to see when it's going to be in our area again... my son would LOVE it (and it sounds like the rest of us would love it as well!).

I do not think you are a dork... because if I think you are a dork, then that means my husband and son are dorks. :)

wrestling kitties said...

AWESOME. Simply awesome. :)

the grumbles said...

that's neat! it is coming here and i'm glad i'm not the only person to TOTALLY want to go see it...