Monday, November 9, 2009

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

It's like Christmas on crack, orchestra meets Metallica, a wild laser show that burns your retinas...and it ROCKS. Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Winter Tour promoting their NightCastle album stopped in Toledo again this year and was exponentially better than the years past - no offense to my former place of work, but SeaGate was smaller and the new arena is on par with the other venues that TSO plays in so needless to say, we all got our faces melted.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, if you have never seen them, consists of a full orchestra, insane guitar riffing, banging keyboards, mind blowing vocals, a blinding laser show, a high voltage violinist, pyrotechnics, smoke, lighting, fist pumping, power stances, and head banging - oh yeah!. The violinist is this really hot chick from the UK that runs all over the stage while playing rock n' roll violin (I know, I know...). At one point, she was shredding the violin, ran over the the lead guitarist, did this amazing power-slide on her knees and wound up on her back under him as he was solo-ing. What? Awesome.

The stage lights up, but you can't even believe how it constantly moves and how the lights become digital screens - it's craaazy. There are parts of the stage that lift up into a scissor jack as the musicians stand upon them and play while smoke is billowing out of the base of the tower. The digital and REAL flames during the Carmina Burana were simply thrilling. Here are some pictures that don't really do it justice unless you have been there and they serve as a reminder.

If you ever have the chance to see TSO in concert - DO IT. Now for the photos:

This is the opening song with "stars" in the background. Look at how the truss is in a V form

Our first glimpse of green lasers! Notice the truss is now in a straight line

These are flags of the nations of the world - so cool!

Licks of flame! Guitar riff!

Big flames now! You could seriously feel it on your face

During the Carmina Burana, the ring around the arena was "engulfed in flames." Amazing!!!

This surprise blast of fire was in the middle of the arena

The lead guitarists (and creator) and violinist


Lead guitarist Chris up on the scissor jack (see the lightning in the background?)

The finale! The second stage lifted up and basically flew - it blew my mind.


Sarah said...

Uh, I was totally there - for the 3:00 show. In a suite, which looks like it was exactly where your pictures were taken? What? (Troy got the tickets for us.)

And I agree, it was much better than last year, and I assume because of the arena - it seems like they could do so much more with the lighting, etc.

How crazy is the violinist? No wonder she is so stinkin' skinny!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

So cool. I've always wanted to see TSO on their annual Toledo stop. Looks awesome.

Lauren Tracy said...

OMG, the photos are almost as bitchin as being there in person. Thanks for being my fun date!

wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHA! That looked like the Iron Maiden concert we went too!!

I LOVE the powerstance and all the flames - seriously, that. is. awesome.

I have never been but I know T. really wants to go. This looks cool