Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some people are just plain stupid

Warning *** This post is just to make me feel better and vent so if you don't feel like reading a negative post, quit now***

To give you a little background on how I've gotten here, I am following a strict diet and exercise routine that has been absolutely WORKING thanks to Kylee and Craig's recommendation. I have been doing well and have stayed on track since October 1st. That said, these weeks of holiday celebration and gatherings are making me a bit, well, moody and testy to say the least. Not eating sugar, fat, simple carbs, and NO ALCOHOL, is enough to push a girl over the edge from time to time. Especially when drinking really is my big vise. Maybe not to get totally blasted, but I would be happy to but back 5 or 6 beers, glasses or wine, or mixed drinks. Sigh. BUT MY PLAN IS WORKING! I AM SO HAPPY - so that is not a complaint, but it's hard for me. It's really hard to resist all these temptations...

Anyway, as you can imagine, I find myself out late often and being the designated driver - happy to do it. I would drive anyone home if they asked me. I drove home a friend - more like an acquaintance - the other night as he was clearly wasted. So wasted in fact that he was hilarious on the ride home. Not making sense at all, he was quite entertaining. We passed several accidents along the way. Upsetting.

I saw him last night. That stupid bastard had the gall to say to me that he drove home after I dropped him off at his buddy's house.

His words exactly: "You dumbass, I drove home after you dropped me off. You should have taken me to my house."
Me: "I'm the dumbass? I would have driven to you Lansing if you asked. You asked me to drop you off at your buddy's house."
Him: "Well, I guess the joke was on you!"

It took everything I had not to punch that a**hole in the face. Really? I was so incredibly pissed off at this guy for driving home and putting the lives of others at risk. It's not like he had a few beers and was worried about being over the legal limit. He was WASTED. It upset me so much I had to force myself not to let it ruin my night. Jerk.


Erika Jean said...

Ugh!! what a douche! He should have 1, been grateful ... and 2, STAYED at his friends house!

SassyTimes said...

Some people are SO ungrateful!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Agreed. He's a wang. Total jerk.

Amber said...

That was super nice of you to take him anywhere. He's an idiot. I think it would have been OK to punch him.

B. said...

You should have punched him! Not your fault he was stupid.

wrestling kitties said...

Um, first off BRAVO to you for following such a strict diet, especially as the holidays approach. No sugar, fat or simple carbs...what do you eat?! I did SO well for 3 months and lost 30 pounds but I am starting to hit a wall and need a new diet and to work out. I really need a new plan. If you have time do you have a link or something to the plan and what it is about? I would LOVE something that works.

As for the other, what a douche. Drunk driving is so not smart. I think punching in that situation is OK.