Monday, October 5, 2009

The gift that keeps on slitting

You know how when you receive a new knife, everyone says, "Be careful! It's really sharp!" Well, even though I was being very careful, my new birthday presents from DT proved to be very sharp. On Saturday night, I accidentally sliced my pinky finger on my right hand to the point that I thought that I may need stitches. Ugh.

On one hand (bad pun, very bad), you are just mad at yourself. One the other, you want to get it taken care of but are not sure if you need to go to the hospital or not. Luckily, I can always call my Dad (firefighter) in these very situations. He talked me through it and asked me some questions to determine if it was hospital serious. I even took this picture to sent to him:

I am glad that it is not in focus because the main question he asked me is, "Does it look like there is HAMBURGER coming out of the cut?" Uh, yeah, it does. How did he know. "Well, that's muscle, you have a pretty deep cut." Secretly, I was glad that it was not fat. Hahaha! I have muscular fingers! YES! So he coached me over the phone more and we determined that I would go see him at the station the next day for the professionals to get a look.

I am fine. No stitches, but I am sporting a giant bandage and typing is difficult. Hunt and peck, hunt and peck.

So, thanks to DT for my amazing birthday presents and thanks to my Dad for helping me through the mini-trauma, and thanks to Sal who was watching my little cousins while this entire thing happened. They were at my house and I didn't want them to get upset so I told them nothing was going on and I was just doing an "experiment." Yeah, an experiment to see if I needed to go to the hospital.


TLC said...

oh my goodness! so happy you didn't need stitches.

and i'm really happy that photo wasn't in focus...because i probably would've passed out. :)

be careful w/ those knives!!!

Mickey D. said...

(Loved the subject of this!)

Youch! I bet that didn't tickle. Glad you're ok though.

One of the first things I noticed about you is your muscular fingers :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you have a booboo :) I've done that more times than I can count. At least you didn't decide to cut off the tip of your finger... ask Jeff about that one sometime. He was the perfect hero :)


All Things Red said...

Glad you're OK, Iris - you can always count on The Moustache to come to the rescue!

PS - And we DO care about muscular fingers! HAHA!

Trophy Life said...

oh, no - glad you're okay. looks like some serious pain!! this is comical (after the fact) to me that your b-day present hurt you, your dad asked you if there was hamburger coming out and Sal entertained the little ones to keep them from freaking out (GOOD THINKING!). just a comedy of errors!

wrestling kitties said...

eeeek!! I hope your finger is better!