Monday, October 12, 2009

If your name is Chris....

...Or Christine, or Kristine, or Kristin (you get the point), hit up Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch today. In honor of Christopher Columbus, they are giving away FREE select lunch (and possibly) dinner selections to celebrate Columbus day. Click here to get the coupon.
I adore the Spaghetti Warehouse - their bread and butter alone is to die for- their spicy meat sauce is amazing, minestrone soup and salad combo is a great healthy option, not to mention that you get a vat-sized receptacle of soda with your meal. They even have DMD (that's Diet Mountain Dew to those of you non-pop lovers). When I go there, I MUST sit in the trolley; it's is one of my favorite things to do (often resisted or eye-rolled by co-workers).

The Toledo Spaghetti Warehouse is downtown on the corner of Superior and Lafayette. I find it humorous that their website is Good one.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

THAT is fun. The last time we were home I got their alfredo - it was great. Craig got their chicken tetrazini (sp?) and it was amazing. I ate his.

Mickey D. said...

I call BS. And only because my name is not a form of Christopher. Why do I gotta be denied of the free bread and butter? I wonder if they'll have a special in honor of Michael Jackson someday, since my name is the female version of that.

I blame my parents.