Thursday, September 24, 2009

Man bling

In some cultures, men wear engagement rings. In my business, I see ladies prance in here sporting big ol' sparkly rocks that scream "property of some dude." The first thing you do after hearing an announcement of engagement is grab a woman's hand and yell, "LET ME SEE IT!" When about the men???

I have heard/read that it is customary for men to wear engagement bands that will double as wedding bands in Europe and the Eastern countries.

Why doesn't our society require men to do the same?

Your thoughts? Do you have experience in this area?

1) Would you like / have liked your fiance to wear an engagement ring?
2) If you are man, how do you feel about this?


Falco_Danderfluff said...

Patton Oswalt has a stand up bit where he thinks men should get samurai swords when they get engaged. I personally love that idea.

wrestling kitties said...

I think if the man wants to wear a ring once he gets engaged that it is perfectly fine. Though he may also be fine with a nice watch or new electronics :)

I know that T. only wanted to try his wedding band on once before we were actually married (just to make sure it fit), otherwise he thought wearing his ring before it was blessed by the Priest and before we were actually married wasn't right. He thinks of it as something sacred and not just a piece of jewlery.

I personally don't understand what the point of an engagement ring is for a man or women in general. It is nothing more than a gift for the formal agreement you made with each other to one day get married. I think when it started a long time ago it really wasn't so much a token of love, but a way for a man to show ownership over the women he wanted to marry. It really seems to have no relivance other than that. I understand the symbolism of the ring once you are married, but why is there a need to spend alot of money on a piece of jewelry that basically says you are about to get married and then get another ring that says you are married.

Don't get me wrong I do LOVE my ring and loved showing it off when we got engaged, and loved knowing that it meant we were going to get married.... but frankily I knew we were going to get married with or without the ring and I would have been just as happy just getting engaged with no ring.

But I think in society today it is one of those traditions we keep because it has just been that way and it is a gift to represent what will come. (plus what would happen to the jewelry stores if people just stopped buying engagement rings....they would crumble!) :)

All Things Red said...

When Paul and I got engaged, he joked that he thought he should get an 'engagement boat' from me since I got the ring. Needless to say, no boat was purchsed.....haha

freckleface said...

My husband doesn't even wear his wedding band. He can't due to his job. I personally don't care either. He really isn't the jewelry type. He'd much rather have a tattoo :)
On the other hand, mine, I can't leave the house without my rings.
In Europe the men also carry man bags.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if some girl wants to drop 10 Grrrr on a ring...I'll put it on. ALSO, our society doesn't "require" women to wear the ring...they beg for them for years, and then tell the "it was all a surprise" engagement story to anyone who will listen.