Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is that all one piece?

Sweater vests! I love them and have several (much like the great Jim Tressel) and wear them all year round. What I cannot STAND is when someone tells me they like my vest, has the nerve to actually touch it, and asks:

"Is it all one piece?"

Why would it be one piece? As if I am so fashionably challenged that I could not put together an outfit on my own? Do I need to rely on Daisy Fuentes or some other Kohl's spokes model to have some overseas seamstress put a half shirt (DICKIE!) inside a sweater vest to make it easier for me?

No - everyone, it is not one piece, and it never will be.


Anonymous said...

Express has a bunch of realy cute sweater vests out now. I saw them and thought of you :)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...


First off - love this post.

Secondly - no one should touch your apparel when it's on you and unless they ask. Weird.

Thirdly - I believe I once had a one-piece vest/shirt thing right around the same time I was wearing those skort-things. You know, skirt in the front, un-flattering shorts in the back? Blech. (Praying those don't come back "in".)

Finally - any post that references Jim Tressel's keen fashion sense AND the word, "dickie" makes me smile.

Bravo today, sista.

wrestling kitties said...

Love sweater vests as well and I too, never thought it was too hard to match a sweater vest with a dress shirt so the question is pretty random.

And when did touching someone else's outfit become OK?!