Tuesday, September 1, 2009

GAF review

The German American Festival was incredible (as usual)!

Friday night I went to pour beer while it poured rain. The crowd was extremely sparse although I still enjoyed myself because I got to see the dancing, the Glockenspiel demonstration, and chat with people I see every year at the Fest. Leaving the fest was messy as the field was a hot mess. There were pickup trucks hauling cars out because they were all getting stuck in giant ruts. I just started slow and gradually picked up speed. I ended up going about 50 mph through the field because if I would have slowed down, I would have gotten stuck. I MADE IT by the grace of God.

Saturday's weather was vastly improved with clear skies all day and evening although it was a little chilly. A ton of people came out for Saturday and we truly enjoyed it. We caught the shuttle from Arnies and waited in line for over an hour for it. At the fest we drank from boots! It was incredible - I loved every minute of it. We waited an hour again to catch the shuttles back. By the time it was our turn to board the bus, the bus pulled up not far enough and it was truly a bum rush because the people in the middle of the line thought it was ok to board. A nasty biotch in a terrible red sweater and I sort of got into it as we shoved our way onto the bus. It was every kraut for themselves. Very disorganized. Will rethink the shuttle next year. Obviously, it was worth it for me, but for those that attend the GAF for the beer alone and not the culture and experience, it may not be.


wrestling kitties said...

I have never been but have always wanted to go, it always sounds like SO much fun!!

wrestling kitties said...

P.S. CUTE pics :)

Kay said...

Beer from a boot, classic! That's awesome. We went to our first German festival this weekend and it was soooo much fun! I went for the kraut, my husband went for the beer. It wasn't beer in a boot though. He so would have peed his pants with excitement over that!!!

We had a similar bus experience too! Two bus shuttles had pulled up at the same time, so those in the middle of the line were at a loss, because they were suddenly either at the beginning of a line, or they were last in line. There was much shoving and huffing of kraut/beer breath.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I loved that review.

Specifically, the part about the "biotch in the read sweater" and it being, "every kraut for themselves."


(Cute pic of you and DT.)

freckleface said...

I'm crying inside. I LOVE the GAF! I haven't been there in like 5 years. I need to come up to Ohio for the next one.