Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Babies R Us trip

Today I went to Babies R Us to buy a gift. Now, I find that store totally overwhelming and nerve wracking. I don't really understand the organization of the store itself and think the help there is not extremely helpful. Today I took a momfriend for support and help.

I asked a clerk to help me find two different items on the registry and not only could she not find them (I had searched to no avail even with an experienced BRU shopper), but she offered me no solution.
Her: "Here is the spot where that would have been."
Me: "Ok, are there any in the back?"
Her: "Nope. Maybe at Toys R Us." Walks away.

At the register the Store Assistant Manager asks me if I found everything ok. I guess I took her literally and replied, "Well there were a few items on the registry that you don't have in the store and one of your clerks couldn't help me either."
Her; "Ok, your total is....."

LOL! It really was ironic that she asked me how my experience was and then totally ignored me.

I let it go and she handed me my bag. Noticing the 8 pages of white paper in my bag, I asked her if they recycle the paper from the registries.

"Sure," she replied...and threw it in the garbage can.



TLC said...

yep. that sounds about right for our local Babies R Us.

they are less than helpful over there.

and apparently "recycle" means "throw out"...


Jill Marie said...

From a mother of "almost 3" I DISLIKE THAT STORE ALSO.... The registries have NO pics on them and are in CRAZY order?? Their isles are so backwards??? I just don't get them?? I was there the other day buying for a future mommy and the "helper" on the floor couldn't tell me if the item I was looking at WAS the item on the registery??

Well I guess your struck a nerve on this on... he he

Mickey D. said...

This is disgusting. It's definitely not my favorite place to visit either. How are these people so sad and unhelpful when they get to deal with baby stuff? Who doesn't like baby stuff? It's little, it's cute, it's happy, it's bright colored!

But I guess when you're the only store in the area, customer service doesn't have to be a priority.

However, I registered over the weekend and found a very friendly and knowledgable guy who works in the stroller department. His name was Chris and he was great. The only bright beacon in the joint.

You should write a letter. We all should.

Lauren Tracy said...

AAH! I will say that the Babies R' Us company should not be judged by the Toledo location. I went looking for white cribs, and they had 2. When I asked the saleswoman if I could order other cribs in white, she said, "no." No explanation. Anyhow, 2 days later, I went to the Babies R' Us in Ann Arbor to see if they had more of a selection, and the SUPER HELPFUL saleswoman showed me that MOST of the cribs on the floor could be ordered in other finishes, including white. She also told me they could order them to the store to avoid shipping costs, and told me to save up coupons and she would ring up the three pieces separately to get me the biggest discount. It is a pain, but I am ordering the furniture to Ann Arbor, and picking it up way up there to avoid the salespersons in Toledo! It is awful!

Brad said...

Een, that story just cracked me up!

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

TOOO funny. This is why I buy online. I know I shouldn't... but this is why.

We're coming home and I'm going to a shower and I've already bought the gifts online because I do NOT want to deal with the registry in the store.

That place...