Wednesday, May 20, 2009

24 - Season Finale

1) Ding dong, Olivia's going to jail. Thank God the President put the hammer down on that little skank. She tried to get all teary and sad and pull that "Daddy, I'm sorry," crap. Way to stay strong Madam President.
2) Tony. I still cannot get over what a bad, angry guy you have become. I was pretty sad about all that.
3) Kim redeemed herself a little when she actually defended herself and made herself useful in the manhunt and came up with the laptop.
4) Don't hate me for saying this, but I almost wanted Jack to die in peace. He's just been through so much (physically, mentally, and emotionally).
5) I love Renee Walker. She is amazing.
6) Aaron Pierce for President!
7) I still want to know what happened to Charles Logan, Martha Logan and Bill's wife Karen Hayes.
8) This was a good season overall. I was pretty happy with it and sad when it ended. I wonder when we will see our complex hero next.


Anonymous said...

WORST SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats 24 hrs. of my life I'll never get back. Fuck you Jack and Fuck you FOX. I will never watch again.


All Things Red said...

1. Olivia is a sneaky, shady, skanky girl and she needs to GO TO PRISON. Pres. Taylor is badass for sending her away.
2. Tony. I am still mourning his turn for the bad. I was just SO excited that he was back on the show to help Jack and I'm still devastated over this.
3. Kim did step up to the plate with the laptop in the burning car, but she will always be kind of an idiot. And since there's another season, I'm assuming the cells that she is donating are working!
4. I don't hate you for saying it, but I just can't see Jack EVER dying! But I agree - he has been through SOOOOOO much in his life.
5. She was such a fabulous character this season - LOVE her.
6. I will start the campaign - Ethan can be his running mate. GO AARON!!!!
7. I totally thought Charles Logan would have appeared sometime during this season, but to no avail. I gave up on Karen Hayes appearing when Bill Buchanan died. Oh, it's so sad........
8. I agree - this season was good - better than last season. However, Chloe wasn't in NEARLY enough episodes. But I really do like Pres. Taylor - she did a nice job.