Monday, April 20, 2009

Run / Walk/ Run / Walk

I decided that I am going to run a 5k again this summer. Since I have run two before, I know I can do it and I need a goal. "Training" for a 5k seems pathetic, but you gotta start somewhere.

So, my weekly schedule right now is this:
Day one - Walk for 5 minutes to warm up. Run 1 minute, walk 2 minutes for 21 minutes. Cool down 5 minutes. Not that bad, right?
Wrong! I did this outside on Saturday and felt like a chump. The walking was fine, but the running was awkward and I think I looked like an idiot.
Day two - Walk for 30 minutes. DONE! Not bad.
Day three - Same as day one. I did this today on the treadmill. It was easier than outside and I liked it better for some reason.

So! That's my progress so far. I don't understand how it's humanly possible to run a marathon. My hat's off to your runners!


wrestling kitties said...

Oh, good luck!! sounds like a good plan

Trophy Life said...

good luck!
i too feel that doing the run/walk thing on a treadmill is MUCH easier than outside.
keep us updated.

31derful said...

I would be honored to train with you this weekend. I've got a few tips and tricks up my sleeve that I'd be happy to share. Proud of you!

Nanitee said...

Iris, if I can do a marathon anyone can do it. You're off to a good start by having a plan. Maybe 31derful can help you tweak it to make it work for you.

I was about to give up on 24 but last night's episode gave me hope.
Looking forward to your review.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a 1k run from your house to Papa Joe's. That's a good start.

Janis said...

Iris I am back at WW and I am going to try a 5k! I will be cheering you on!!