Friday, April 10, 2009

iPhone vs. Blackberry

My Sprint contract has run out and I am still shopping for a new provider. Now, I am trying to decide:

iPhone or Blackberry?

Both have a lot of cool features and both will have about a $100 a month service plan, which is a lot, but I am paying around $70 now for a boring phone. I actually got my hands on both last night (no, not at Best Buy, at El Camino). I have to say it would take a lot for me to get used to the typing on the iPhone. My thumbs might need to slim down. I already have an iPod and a GPS. Plus, the people with whom I most frequently talk are on Verizon. I am leaning towards getting a Blackberry curve (the one with the actual, not virtual, keyboard).

Options PLEASE!


Trophy Life said...

like you, the majority of my contacts are verizon and i've always been a verizon user...therefore i just got a blackberry curve about 2 months ago and stuck with Verizon. i think that the iphone is AMAZING and has a ton of capabilities that a blackberry will never have (fine with me).
if i had some more cash, i'd actually buy an itouch to supplement where the Blackberry leaves off in terms of applications, etc.
Overall, i'd give my Curve a 10 out of 10. i'm happy with it and it's a great way to stay in touch with email, etc.

Iris Took said...

Thanks TL, I forgot to say that the main reason I feel I need a smartphone of some sort is that I am DONE carrying around a planner. I need a calendar in my phone.

Does the blackberry have a good calendar application?

Sarah said...

Iris, I think you need to take a look at the Blackberry Storm - the one with the touchscreen keyboard. It's actually not that difficult to you, it actually feels like you are clicking a key, not just touching a screen. It seems very different to any other touch screen phones to me.

(I don't have one, I just play with a friends)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I love these technology questions. I shal give you my random thoughts in bulleted form:

•I would NEVER switch from Verizon to Cingular. Ever. I find their service and coverage area atrocious. So, for me the iPhone wouldn't be an option.
•I have a blackberry bold and I LOVE it.
•I've had two blackberry pearls (half keyboard) and I love having the full keyboard on the bold.
•Blackberry messenger is AMAZING. It's free. It's RIM-based and literally works EVERYWHERE. I talk to family, friends and co-workers (blech) on my messenger all the time. You use it with other blackberry users. It's basically *free* texting. Love it.
•For me, it's not important to be able to have movies, video, etc. on my phone.

I quite like apple and iPhones and all that nonsense, I just feel that the blackberry is a better smartphone.

And, I hate those iPhone "apps" commercials on TV. They kill me.

Trophy Life said...

I do like the calender on my blackberry quite a bit. if i wanted to (i'm not motivated), i could sync my outlook calendar with my Blackberry which would help my life.
the calendar is great!

All Things Red said...

Go with Verizon - I have never had problems with them (I used them before the SeaGate Nextel phone and I'm back with them now).

I have an LG Voyager. It has internet, texting, a flip-open full keyboard that is more typing-friendly, plus a front touch-screen. You can use both or either one. I LOVE IT!!!!! I was going to get a Blackberry, but with nails, I just didn't think I could get used to typing with the tiny little Blackberry keyboard. If you go to a Verizon store, check out the LG Voyager. It's the best!

B. said...

I know I am a little behind here, but thought I would tell you I love my Blackberry Storm. I went with the Storm because I have been Verizon for years and didn't want to switch. My coworkers all have work Blackberries, that they use for the Calendar and emails, so I knew a lot about them and they love them.
You might not be for the touchscreen thing, but overall the Blackberry is a great smartphone. Email works great on them, I hear better than the iPhone. It does have a calendar that I only recently started using and it seems to be great. Just synced it with google calendar. There are many apps that blackberries do have that aren't advertised as much yet. Somebody just wrote a level app for the Storm so I can use it to fix a wobbly dresser. I don't know if there is an app to find me a taxi but I don't need one.
I know a few people that love their iPhones and I don't dislike them I just didn't want to go with AT&T service. Rumor has it though that iPhone might expand and go to other carriers after the contract expires this June.

Anonymous said...

Jeff has both - you can play with them tonight! :)Kate

Iris Took said...

WOW! Thanks for the really amazing responses. I really appreciate all your great and thoughtful comments.

Anonymous said...

although the keys are small on the curve, you will get used to it.

i have plump fingers and thought i was going to have to take my curve back, but low and behold, my fingers adapted!!

I agree with Two Pretzels. BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is amazing!